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Epicor Wireless Warehouse

Epicor Wireless Warehouse is Epicor’s best-in-class handheld application, which exposes Epicor ERP Materials Handling functionality to the mobile warehouse or shopfloor user.  It offers a modern, intuitive user interface for all common warehouse and distribution functions.  

It is compatible with the latest scanning devices running on Android® 6.0.1 or higher from Honeywell® and Zebra®. Epicor can further provide suggestions on devices if required, or you can speak to your existing hardware vendors for advice.  Simply download the application from the Google Play™ store onto your device and start using, with minimal set up.

Below is the list of business benefits:

Optimising workflows around stock and material handling

The Order-to-Delivery workflow will be streamlined by removing the need for manual picklists and their associated printing.  As soon as an order is placed and released for picking by Customer Service, the associated pick request can appear on the workers-in-warehouse.jpgmobile device for immediate action.  If an order is urgent, Priority Codes can be set to put that sales order at the top of all device’s picking queues, eliminating the need for a labour-intensive expedite process. Not only will more orders be processed in a given time, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of staff required for material movements, but the elapsed time from order to dispatch will be reduced.

All other stock movement workflows will also benefit. These include; picking and allocating materials to jobs, receiving completed items from production, inter-site transfers, movements in and out of the Quality department, receiving purchased items, etc.  In fact, every material movement in the ERP system can be processed efficiently using the Wireless Warehouse app.

Increasing accuracy of all material movements

Inaccurate stock levels in the warehouse and shopfloor have huge ramifications throughout the business.  For example, when people no longer trust the system to tell them what is available, they tend to work around it in many ways.  Typical examples are: 

  • Not trusting MRP suggestions for purchase order requirements, meaning PO creation is done manually, consuming large amount of time, and potentially introducing errors.
  • Holding more stock than is required, tying up the business’s capital funds, simply because the suggested min/max levels are not reliable to cover demands, since the underlying stock levels are not trustworthy.
  • Conducting frequent full stocktakes, as this is the only way to know what is in the warehouse, consuming many hours in the process.

Using Wireless Warehouse including scanning the item’s barcode does two critical things, ensuring accurate stock levels are maintained:

  • It ensures the right item is selected, as an error will show if the wrong one is scanned
  • It ensures the right quantity is selected, as each scan will increment the item quantity by the respective UOM quantity - i.e. Each, Pack, Inner, Outer, Pallet, etc, etc.

Automating workflows triggered by scan events

Additional actions can be triggered by scan events, such as automatically printing a certain label to the correct location’s printer when an item is received from production, emailing the delivery confirmation when an item is shipped or delivered, and any other actions needing automation.

Serial and Batch Tracking is optimised

Another significant area is collecting batch and serial number transactions.  Doing batch and serial transactions without the option for scanning is often so cumbersome that it is simply not done, meaning critical tracking and auditing data is lost.

Proof of Delivery

Go paperless and capture real-time delivery information, by capturing signatures and photographic proof of delivery, when dropped at a customer’s address, or on handover to a carrier, with pictures and signatures going straight into the ERP system, so that customers can be notified the instant a delivery has happened and can even be emailed the POD picture and signature if required (by leveraging the Epicor ECM module).

If you have any of these challenges today, or would like to learn more about how Epicor Wireless Warehouse can benefit your business, please reach out to Epicor today.

Written by: Ian Macdonald, Solution Engineer Manager

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