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Work the Way that Suits You Best with Epicor iScala 3.1

The most obvious and far-reaching change with the latest version of the Epicor iScala ERP solution is in its revamped user experience. The new look and feel makes it easy to tailor the user interface to the specific needs and business functions of the individual, group, department or company. It also accelerates many tasks, from accessing applications and information to data entry and modification.

A tiled desktop allows you to group favourite and frequently used application modules and vary their size, icon, name, position and color, so they're quickly recognisable. A tile can represent any action-it could be an iScala function, a report or dashboard, an HTML link or an external program, for example. The workspace is easy to set up, simply drag and drop the items from a collapsible tree menu on the left. If you are looking for a specific function, you can use the free text search box at the top of the menu to find candidate modules-the menu expands and highlights all the matching items.

Work the Way that Suits You Best with Epicor iScala 3.1

Application modules also sport new user interfaces designed to save time and cut down on repetitive entries. For example, drop down menus offer contextual content choices or allow easy access to options such as postcode lookup. You can copy and paste a completed form as a template. The links are removed, so the content can be edited and new links forged. You can complete forms in the traditional way, through a tabbed interface or you can expand each section and stay on the same page.

Whole form on one page with the first two elements expanded

The more traditional tabbed view of a form remains an option

The Warehouse Manager

Once you're working, you may have several activities live at the same time. These appear in tabs at the top of the screen, rather like a browser. Moving between activities is fast and intuitive. In the unlikely event that you overflow the tab bar, a drop down link gives you access to the hidden activities. A 'recent activity' window provides another way to jump back to previously launched modules or functions.It's important to note that although this release of iScala brings new ways of doing things, it's important not to slow users down with the new interface. For this reason, users can continue to use the existing navigation methods until they're ready to start using the new interface.

Something you will be seeing more of before long is mobile applets. They are already available for warehouse operations and they run on Android and iOS. The Epicor iScala Warehouse Manager increases agility and efficiency for its users. The first release supports a number of stock-taking operations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new platform soon. Visit EpicWeb to find more information. And please make sure you tell us what you think. It's your feedback that drives our continuous improvements.

By Robert Sinfield, Director Global Portfolio Marketing

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