Digital Twinning: The Future of Manufacturing

January 26, 2018

The most innovative manufacturing businesses are already starting to take advantage of the new industry-transforming technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Digital twinning' has gained momentum as more manufacturers invest in smart machines that are transforming the industrial landscape. Defined as the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform, digital twinning lets manufacturers gather data from machine sensors to find out how they are performing in real time.


Southco Gets Fit for Industry 4.0 Growth

January 15, 2018

In his Autumn Budget speechChancellor, Philip Hammond said he wanted the UK to become a hub of enterprise and innovation.  He announced investment of over £500m in a range of transformative technologies from Artificial Intelligence (AI)to 5G and full fibre broadband to 'form the backbone of the global economy of the future.' In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, digital technologies are linking physical and digital worlds. Forward thinking manufacturing businesses, like Epicor customer and manufacturer of engineered access hardware solutions, Southco, are deploying smart technology with connectivity.  


ERP Trends to Watch in 2018

January 04, 2018

2018 is likely to be a year of consolidation in Australia as businesses look for ways to continue improving speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness across their operations. Digital transformation will become the new normal for businesses across many industries in line with local analyst reports from Gartner and IDC. Business leaders are looking for more than just an accurate and overarching view of their organization, but the ability to see the right information at the right time and in the right place. That goes beyond traditional dashboards and business intelligence tools to include innovative devices that provide alerts and pre-emptive information to help individual operators make faster decisions. 


Three Diverse Operating Systems, One ERP Database

May 12, 2017

Headquartered in England, KMF is the market leader in the supply of precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering solutions. With the newly formed KMF Group, the company consists of KMF Precision Sheet Metal, KMF Precision Engineering as well as their sister company in Slovakia, KMF Slovakia. Together, these organizations have combined to deliver fully integrated bespoke metal work and precision sheet metal fabrication solutions with over 110,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space. With three different organizations, the company faces challenges in synchronizing the historical data of its diverse operating systems into one ERP database.


Work the Way that Suits You Best with Epicor iScala 3.1

May 02, 2017

The most obvious and far-reaching change with the latest version of the Epicor iScala ERP solution is in its revamped user experience. The new look and feel makes it easy to tailor the user interface to the specific needs and business functions of the individual, group, department or company. It also accelerates many tasks, from accessing applications and information to data entry and modification.


Navigate a Changing Landscape with the Right Distribution ERP Software

October 08, 2016

The distribution industry has experienced a period of dramatic change  in the last 15 years and it doesn't look like stopping now. With the culmination of increased consumer demand alongside significant advances in technology, distributors wouldn't recognize the 1999 version of themselves if they walked back into their old operating environment. These changes in consumer behavior are presenting new challenges for distributors to compete while maintaining profitability. 


Achieving Effective Collaboration through Social ERP Software

September 17, 2016

To grow in a competitive market, manufacturers and distributors should do whatever they can to encourage and facilitate collaboration between their stakeholders. One particular way they can achieve this is through their ERP software. Since the beginning of time humans have been collaborating. The simple concept of working together to achieve an outcome exists all around us, every day. The real challenge isn't to collaborate, but to do so in a way that generates great results.


Aged Care Software for a Growing Market

September 14, 2016

From speaking to our clients, we understand the common desire to grow, and with our ageing population, aged care is hardly a shrinking market. For those organizations that can adequately prepare for growth and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way, the upsides are significant. From speaking to our clients, we understand the common desire to grow, and with our ageing population, aged care is hardly a shrinking market.


Seven considerations for the ERP evaluation process

September 12, 2016

Selecting a new ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution can be a large undertaking. There are many factors that need to be considered, and there is a lot on the line-for both the business' potential for growth, and the people overseeing the selection process. It is very important that the selection process offers evidence of due diligence. But how do you know what that due diligence is? 


Improving Quality of Aged Care through Software

September 02, 2016

In its discussion paper titled Let's talk about quality the Australian Government's Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) made steps to establish and promote ideas of quality to providers of aged care services. This can have several perceived knock-on effects for your aged care software selection. As a key facilitator of aged care services, your software solution is a serious investment in your ongoing success. 


The Olympics Reminded me Why Aged Care Software Planning is Important

August 25, 2016

Watching the Olympics over the last few weeks acted as a scary reminder of how quickly the years fly by. It does not feel like 16 years ago that the nation was a buzz with the Sydney Olympics and now here we are waving goodbye to Rio. 

So, when I was reading some data this week on population projections, it didn't feel out of place to consider projections for the next twenty-five to fifty years to be relevant for what we are doing today. As reported by The Australian Government Treasury, our population is ageing, predominately because of two key factors. 


How ERP Software Can Make Your Business More Connected

August 19, 2016

At times I feel like the business world is simultaneously becoming more connected and less connected. Technology has revolutionised the business world in numerous ways, such as breaking down geographical and language barriers. This opens up enormous potential for business to be done on a scale unlike any generation before us. However, poor use of technology can also breed habits of anti-socialness which can cause us to miss out on innovation resulting from collaboration.  Remember what it was like to go out for lunch with a group of people and have each other's undivided attention.