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Why Aged Care Software Integration is so Important

June 30, 2016

I feel that terms such as integration and best practice fall victim to being part of a collection of over used business jargon. Unfortunately, when terms like this are thrown around too much we can become numb to instances of legitimate use. Hopefully that hasn’t happened to a level that has you ignoring the importance of aged care software integration, because doing so can have significant impacts. Let me explain why.


When Aged Care Software Isn’t Really Aged Care Software

June 16, 2016

For many Australians we have had to make do with what we’ve got on many occasions. Whether it was having our mum cut our hair as a kid, living with lazy housemates, or owning the bomb of a first car, not always having what we’d like is a reality of life. A reality that requires us to make justifications and at times, tough decisions. This is as true for business as it is for your personal life. The performance of you aged care software may very well be one such example.


Why your Software Should Comply with Aged Care Legislation

June 12, 2016

When speaking to our customers across independent living, residential aged care and community care organisations, one of the common messages we hear is that they consider changes to aged care legislation to be one of their biggest challenges.

Alongside limited funding and having enough of the right human resources, these components can collectively present significant success barriers to growth.