Global ERP

Whether through organic growth, acquisition or a combination of the two, more and more companies are wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple business entities. They must weigh the costs and benefits of centralising or distributing operational control, increasing enterprise-wide visibility, strengthening intercompany supply chain management, and consolidating financial management. No matter how distributed your organisation becomes, Epicor Global Business Management is flexible and robust enough to grow with you.

Epicor SaaS solutions can be leveraged as part of your global deployment strategy to speed regional adoption of ERP. As Epicor ERP is available on premise, hosted, or as a SaaS solution in multiple countries, global businesses can bring on new sites with little IT infrastructure required by starting with SaaS. 

Global Business Software

Epicor Global Business Management offers the ability to manage a highly distributed enterprise as one regardless of information technology deployment choices, including:

  • Epicor Multi-company Management ensures that all your businesses entities and operations can be handled appropriately and securely, and consolidated as required. Support for intercompany trading, centralised purchasing and company-wide forecasting and credit checking deliver a truly virtualized enterprise.
  • Epicor Multi-company Deployment allows you to deploy your solution on a single server/single database, or on multiple databases and multiple servers around the world as necessary, yet entirely seamlessly.
  • Epicor Multisite Management provides support for centralised accounting and purchasing, while allowing separation of production and distribution facilities.
  • Epicor Multilingual Management facilitates your company’s growth, supporting country-specific language needs, including multiple languages against a single instance and full Unicode and double byte support.
  • Country Specific Functionality (CSF) supports global, regional and local accounting and reporting standards such as, IFRS, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), taxes and fiscal reporting  Support for many  countries is  available globally.
  • Epicor Master Data Management (MDM) can help ensure that your multicompany and multisite data meets regulatory requirements and also provides the consistency needed for real-time distributed operations, leading to greater customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and business performance.

Global ERP Business Management Solutions

However you choose to define your business, Epicor supports master data and transactional functions between systems and entities including customers, suppliers, parts, intercompany orders, transfer orders, and shipments between plants and warehouses. Epicor facilitates these scenarios within a single application that is flexible enough to grow with you as you expand your business. Epicor Global Business Management offers organisations the essential tools needed to create and maintain a single version of the truth. Epicor Global Services provide a standardised implementation methodology to ensure success in your distributed deployment.

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