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Epicor Recognized as One of Middle Easts’ Most Innovative Technology Vendors

I'm thrilled to announce that Epicor has been recognized as 'eCommerce Solutions Vendor of the Year' by CPI Media Group and Tahawul Tech at their inaugural Master of Tech Awards, held at the iconic Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Epicor was awarded this prestigious honor in recognition of our commitment to enabling organizations in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, modernise their operations and gain a competitive advantage by being able to offer their customers a 'consumer-like' buying experience.

Congratulations to all the winners of Master of Tech AwardsYou don't have to look further than successes like AirBnB and Netflix to realise that, for organizations in the B2C sector, having the ability to offer customers a personalized, easy to use, intuitive experience is no longer a differentiating factor, but rather a must have. Now, spurred on by the growing proportion of millennials entering the workforce, it is only a matter of time before buyers in the B2B arena will demand the same levels of personalisation and ease of use that they have come to expect from retailers, airlines, and service providers. 

Backed by our global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, we have firmly established ourselves as the partner of choice for organizations in the Middle East manufacturing sector. Over the last couple of years, several leading regional manufacturing organizations like SIDDCO Group, Havelock AHI and Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited have selected Epicor solutions to improve visibility and transparency across departments, better control inventory, minimize human-error and waste, improve product quality, and reduce lead times

With Epicor serving as the backbone of their businesses, we are now focused on helping these manufacturers digitally transform their businesses. Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC), for example, has deep functionality that includes ability to offer customers access to special pricing and price lists, real-time visibility of stock levels, fast repurchase and online payments, all via an attractive 'storefront-like' site that can be accessed on a mobile device. ECC is a comprehensive eCommerce solution designed to promote manufacturers' and distributors' online business growth.

We couldn't have asked for a better start to 2018! Being recognized as one of the most innovative technology vendors in the region is a source of much pride for all of us at Epicor and I look forward to continuing to help our customers innovate and grow their businesses. 

Posted by Monzer Tohme, regional vice president, Middle East & Africa, Epicor Software


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