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Freedom of Choice: An Important Benefit of the Cloud

The reality today is that most enterprise applications are well on their way to being cloud based. We've seen it with simple processes such as HR and payroll, travel and expense management, and in the last decade we've seen the cloud as the new normal for customer relationship management (CRM) deployments.

According to Gartner, "Spending on public-cloud-based, vertical-specific applications is expected to significantly increase through 2017, further highlighting the growing confidence in their use for mission-critical systems."

Upgrading your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the cloud means retiring your old approach to business management applications and no longer having to procure, install, maintain, and manage the infrastructure. And perhaps most compelling is to leverage the cloud to redefine your business processes and take advantage of a new era of service delivery and flexibility to enable your organization to grow.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud have been well documented. The cloud offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), greater flexibility, agility and scalability, allows for better IT resource utilisation, is more secure, improves mobility and collaboration and facilitates business consistency and process alignment. While all these are true, arguably the single biggest advantage of migrating to the cloud, something that isn't talked about enough (probably because not all vendors can claim to offer this benefit), is Freedom of Choice.

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Put quite simply, not all cloud ERP systems are created equal. Specifically, very few ERP vendors respect your right to choose the deployment model that is most appropriate for you, and revise that decision down the road as your business grows or technical needs change. Your right to transition between on-premises, multi-tenant, and single tenant is important. It recognises that the best deployment model for you today might not be the best model in a few years, or even a few months. By providing the choice of multi-tenant (with its compelling economics and seamless upgrades) or single tenant (allowing more administrative control and administrative ownership), you can choose the model that works best for you.

ERP solutions aren't just transactional systems. They are business management tools that can be used to help grow your business profitably, offering flexible solutions that provide more accurate information in real-time, driving smarter, faster decision-making, and enabling you to quickly meet changing market demands to stay ahead of the competition. The cloud increases the business benefits that ERP solutions offers and can accompany your business on the road to successful growth.

Posted by Hesham El Komy, Senior Director, International Channel, Epicor