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POS Hardware Solutions and Services

Retail POS Hardware

It takes more than a superior pos system to ensure the continued success of your retail operations. It also takes a combination of solid retail store hardware to keep your processes running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. That’s why the Epicor Retail Hardware team is dedicated to providing you with POS hardware options that fit your needs and are designed to integrate seamlessly with your POS software. With their POS systems and hardware expertise, our specialists are committed to helping retailers improve their total cost of ownership (TCO) by recommending and delivering sound hardware solutions—from procurement, through implementation, ongoing support, and maintenance. To meet this goal, we consistently research our vast install base and determine the ideal platform to help Epicor clients get the highest ROI from their POS hardware investment.

POS Hardware Solutions

When it comes to delivering top-shelf retail store hardware solutions, our experts know first-hand what platforms yield the best results, and which ones have cost our clients millions of dollars in downtime, inflated TCO, and everything in between.

When investigating POS hardware solutions optimized for POS systems, make Epicor your strategic partner. We have well over 200,000 POS lanes installed, making Epicor the largest retail solutions provider of both hardware and software.

Epicor will help your organization determine the right solution that makes sense when combining budget and performance, while providing a cost effective TCO solution that fits your business. We will then assist you with building a well-defined service model to ensure your project is a success.

POS Hardware Solutions That Make an Impact

As an Epicor client, you can take advantage of the comprehensive POS hardware solutions and services we offer:

  • In-depth discovery/needs assessment
  • Systems design
  • Component selection
  • Manufacturer negotiations
  • System integration and testing
  • Pilot testing
  • Purchasing, staging, and deployment
  • Support options
  • TCO Solutions

One-Stop TCO Solutions

Our one-stop shopping for your retail POS software and hardware maximizes the value of your investment, up-front and long term. Not only does it ensure your system is ideally matched to your needs, but it also guarantees that you have a convenient, single source for all your future requirements, plus 24/7 access to retail professionals who understand your entire system inside out.

Have questions about our retail store hardware solutions? Please call us at +1-800-992-9160, or ask an Epicor expert.