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AGFA Colombia

iScala is a tool that works and gives results; moreover it is a system with a great interrelation that relies on Epicor's great human support.

Gerardo Páez Serrano
IT Manager | AGFA Colombia

Established in Colombia 9 years ago, AGFA Gevaert Colombia invoices more than 2.5 million dollars per year. Its headquarters are located in Belgium and has worldwide presence. The brand has been in the Colombian market for more than twenty years, commercializing its products through partners. 

By 1999 AGFA Gevaert N.V. decided to initiate negotiations with Hoechst AG, which possessed a big market share in Colombia, and acquires the representation of the brand in that country. That was how in December 2000, AGFA Gevaert Colombia began taking under his control and coordination the commercialization of products in the graphical, diagnostic images and not destructive tests divisions, consolidating all AGFA's business groups in the country. 

AGFA Gevaert Colombia has a head office and a products storage warehouse in Bogota. Additionally, in the cities of Cali and Medellin are established commercial and technical support offices for regional clients. 

In a sector as competitive as the graphical industry, AGFA initiated a time ago, a process of technological optimization, for which was chosen Epicor iScala business management solution. 

Selected as the global solution for all its subsidiaries around the world, the  implementation of iScala must line up with AGFA Gevaert goals: "to implement and grow with an integrated information system towards a more seamless and efficient user information flow" affirmed Gerardo Páez Serrano, IT Manager for AGFA.

Tool that works and gives results 

Páez Serrano remembers the precedents and the impact of the iScala installation in AGFA: "… in those days we had a system that did not fulfill our specifications and requirements. With iScala, we have a tool that works and gives results; that is a system with a great interrelation, and relies on Epicor's great human support ".  

In summary, the principal challenge before this technology installation in AGFA was to integrate the diverse information systems, previously in different databases, and now under a single system with an integrated database. 

Páez Serrano refers to the principal critical variables considered for the implementation of this technology: "first, data integration; second, manageability to facilitate product report to be sent to the headquarters; third, a safe system that allows to delimit the level of interaction of the users with the different modules; fourth, consolidation, considering that for fiscal and audit procedures  one single information system is much more manageable than many heterogeneous systems; and fifth, that handles a unique data source". 

In this way, the whole fiscal area of AGFA in Colombia is handled over iScala's platform, achieving improvements in many processes related to the financial operations, operative procedures; general ledger and accounting entries, among others. There is also an evident improvement in the precision of the reports in all areas, as well as the portfolio designs elaborated by the headquarters. 

The quality and strength of this managerial solution has been positive on such a demanding market and with AGFA highly quality standards.

Future Vision 

Although decisions depend on headquarters, to continue consolidating and strengthening its local business is one of the goals that AGFA plans through the excellent quality of his products, relying on the support of solutions like iScala that optimize the company processes. 

About Epicor

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Success Highlights:

Company Facts

  • Location: Bogota, Colombia
  • Industry: Graphic Production
  • Number of Employees: 40
  • As part of a global process of technological actualization, the Belgian firm specialized in the graphical segment, AGFA Gevaert, needed to integrate its information systems located in different databases, under a single system that would enable to manage a single and integrated database

  • Epicor iScala

  • More efficient information flow towards the use
  • Savings in operational costs up to 30 %, added to the savings in processes  execution tim
  • Improvements in the accessibility of Informatio
  • A global management solution for all AGFA's subsidiary around the worl
  • Improvements in all business processes
  • Major report precision



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