Spreadsheet Server

Experience Microsoft Excel®-based reporting designed for finance and any business areas with a fast, flexible, and intuitive solution—purpose-built to meet your team’s needs. Spreadsheet Server is a self-service reporting tool that empowers users to think outside the box of standard reports and create the reports your organization needs—without relying on IT or expensive consultants.

Solution Benefits

With Spreadsheet Server, business users can quickly and easily create refreshable reports against data in their Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) system. Report against GL data and beyond. Drill down or across from summary data into journals or sub-ledgers; users can even drill down to view stored document images such as invoices, without having to switch back to Kinetic. Combine and report on data from multiple sources to show the big picture.

  • Robust, high-performant Excel-based reporting
  • Both for cloud and on-premises Kinetic deployments
  • Real-time cloud data connection leveraging the Epicor Change Data Capture (CDC) technology
  • Access any Kinetic modules and multiple data sources with easy-to-configure data connections
  • Drill to journals, sub-ledgers, and attachments
  • Short learning curve; leverage your existing Excel skills
  • Easy conversion from Spreedsheet server


Spreadsheet Server is a self-service reporting and analytics solution that allows you to connect to live data in your Kinetic system, directly from Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet Server’s Query Designer tool features a drag-and-drop functionality that allows business users to precisely build the queries they need, against any Kinetic module, when they need them, directly. By pairing Query Designer with the ability to connect all your organization’s data in a single report, there’s nothing to stop you from tackling all your financial and operational reporting needs.

Furthermore, if your organization plans to migrate the Kinetic from on-premises to cloud, Spreadsheet Server only needs a change in the data connection, not in the individual reports—saving you days with the migration.




About insight software

  • insightsoftware was founded in 1973 in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Offers a wide range of Microsoft Excel-based reporting and analytics solutions
  • Epicor Alliance Partner for over a decade