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Modern User Experience

Increase productivity by simplifying everyday tasks. 

Technology to Keep You Ahead

The way we work is rapidly changing. Digital transformation skyrocketed in a tumultuous year to meet business needs everywhere. That means you need to grab onto that momentum to keep your business moving, thriving, relevant, and future-focused.
Kinetic can help you keep pace. Its modern cloud design helps you capitalize on real-time data and embedded capabilities so you can innovate without limits. The guided, user experience is uber intuitive to help you quickly learn workflows for your critical business processes.

Intuitive and Scalable

erp collage of screens


Functionality that's made for manufacturers and built for security and compliance.


Flexible solutions that can be curated for your needs so you can scale for growth --both near and far.

Tightly integrated modules and embedded capabilities give you more power and productivity.


Intuitive tech, big data visibility, and artificial intelligence give you capabilities to innovate without limits and inspire new possibilities.

Continuous Innovation

Customer-Centric UI

Customer feedback is at the center of our product innovation. We never stop listening, so we make it very easy for you to provide it through different channels like early adopter programs and directly from the applications, so you can then see it reflected into product enhancements.