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Three Layers of Security Managed by Epicor

Epicor Security Suite services are fully operated and managed by Epicor security experts. Ideal for companies with limited or no IT security staff or expertise.

Network Firewall

Network Protection Set up and Managed by Experts

Your business needs a firewall to prevent cyber criminals from compromising your network. But simply buying a firewall isn’t enough. You need to have it properly installed, configured, and routinely updated to ensure new threats are detected and deterred around the clock. Epicor provides these services, so you can be confident your firewall is always optimized to protect your business. 

Workstation Anti-Virus

Cutting-Edge Malware Defense

The most effective cybersecurity strategy includes a layered defense system. In addition to a network firewall, anti-virus software is designed to detect and prevent malware from infecting your workstations. And from spreading to other devices on your company’s network. Epicor installs, configures, and updates anti-virus to defend your business against increasingly sophisticated criminals.

Data Backup

Reliable Backups and Rapid Restores

With the proliferation of ransomware, malware that encrypts your data until a ransom is paid, it’s critical that offsite data backup is a key part of your cybersecurity plan. Even if cybercriminals infiltrate and encrypt your data, secure backup shelters clean copies at both your location and in the Epicor cloud so it can be rapidly restored. Backup onsite and in the cloud protects you from cybercrime and on premises damage like fire or storms.


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