Sales Management

Profit and growth are paramount for any business. This only works if you gain new customers and retain existing ones. The key to this is usually the introduction of a powerful sales information system (SFA) that helps you turn more prospects into paying customers, prioritizing the most lucrative options, and thereby increasing your revenue. The implementation of comprehensive SFA strategies ensures that all employees working in direct customer contact have correct, complete information at all times - an ideal basis for active communication.

With the use of sales management, it is possible to automate recurring, administrative tasks, identify sales opportunities at an early stage and pursue them in a targeted manner, and establish lasting, profitable business relationships. The result is that your sales team gains in clout.

Sales management software

Collaboration between sales, warehouse, manufacturing, and shipping and accounting teams is always based on submitted quotes and subsequent orders. The information contained therein makes it easier to process all customer service related tasks quickly and satisfactorily - from delivery to invoicing and from the calculation to the payment of commissions due. Using Epicor's sales management software, you can create accurate and reliable cost estimates, streamline the entire sales process, from proposal to payment, and improve customer service. Central access to information on product, price, distribution channel and customer also makes it possible to Start orders in just a few steps. Overall, productivity increases.

Sales Management System

To assert themselves in a dynamic market environment, companies today rely on demand management solutions. The exchange of information by electronic means (EDI) shortens the lead times required for planning and procurement, as well as react much faster and more flexibly to changing production conditions. The linking of contract information with order and release data also makes it easier to comply with the individually agreed delivery terms and dates with customers.

In addition, Epicor application package allows you to complete all tasks related to order fulfillment. This includes, for example, informing customers about the upcoming delivery prior to the arrival of consignments by way of advance shipping notification or Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Internal documents that show the total value of the order and the purchase quantity actually received are also sent back to the reconciliation via EDI.

Epicor sales management software is a comprehensive SFA system. The use of the solution allows the entire order-to-delivery process to be perfected. The result is significantly higher customer satisfaction.