Securely store all your product-related data in a centralized vault

Businesses depend on having the right data at the right time. The Product Data Backbone is the foundation of Epicor PDM and a single source for all your product-related data. It allows you to store, retrieve, manage, and control all your important data—including documents, drawings, and BOMs—in a single, central vault throughout your product lifecycle.

Realize the full potential of Product Data Management

Product Data Backbone

The foundation of Epicor PDM and a single source for your product-related data and documents.

Technical Document Management (DMStec)

Systematically manage your data and documents based on product structures to meet compliance guidelines.

CAD Data Management

Secure and centralize sensitive CAD data to better protect your intellectual property.

Complete Extensibility

Start with what you need, and add features as you go. You can add PLM when it makes sense for your business. 

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BOM Management

Automate the secure transfer of BOMs and build a database of reusable product information.

Epicor ERP Integration

Seamless, bidirectional integration into Epicor ERP—including BOM transfer and comparison.

Multi-CAD Management

Manage on a single place your mechanical, electronical, electrical and software information.

Work on Multiple Locations

Full database replication allows great performance from all your office locations worldwide.

Learn about PDM and PLM best practices and understand what they can do for your business.

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