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Keep your business on track for growth

How does your business manage information about its manufacturing operations? If you're using non-specialist software like spreadsheets and emails, you must often wish there was a better way. Suppose you could put an end to:

  • Time-consuming manual calculations that are difficult to validate or share?
  • The need to enter data in multiple systems and the risk of errors creeping in?
  • Limited reporting capabilities that make it challenging to gain insight into business performance?

Doubtless you'd also like to be able to identify opportunities for improvement more easily, and help your company stay on course for growth. But without a centralized system for managing and sharing information, it can be a struggle to achieve those aims.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution could make all the difference to your business by enabling you to make much better use of your data and information.

What is an ERP solution, and what can it do for you?

An ERP solution lets you integrate information from across your business into a single, comprehensive system that everyone can access. An effective ERP solution helps to automate and streamline tasks, enables people to become more productive, and delivers real-time visibility into operations.

It's possible you've already looked into the feasibility of replacing your current manual information management processes with an ERP solution. But perhaps you were put off by factors such as high or unknown costs, business disruption during implementation, or a long lead time to go-live. From talking to companies like yours, we understand that implementing an ERP solution has simply seemed too daunting or risky, despite the benefits on offer.

Now there's another way with Epicor

We felt sure that smaller manufacturers — whether doing make to stock, make to order, or a combination of the two — would really gain value from an ERP solution. So we've developed a proposition for companies like yours that provides standardized core Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) functionality in a more affordable way. This proposition:

  • Starts at €115,000* — and typically comes in at less than half the usual cost of a traditional ERP installation.
  • Can be ready to use in three to six months
  • Provides a scalable platform to support business growth

What's more, with Kinetic, you're deploying a solution that's designed specifically for manufacturers. So it incorporates all the key functionality you need — including sales management, product management, planning and scheduling, supply chain management, production management and financials — to help you compete, thrive and grow.

You'll find that Kinetic:

  • Helps you adopt best-practice processes that help to increase efficiencies
  • Is readily adopted by users, thanks to its clean, modern interface
  • Supports profitable decision-making with insights to help you maximize revenues and margins
  • Enables you to do more with less, as you discover new ways to collaborate, innovate and automate
  • Allows your business to keep working with secure remote access

Are you ready to advance your business?

If you're ready to leave clunky spreadsheets and emails behind, and support business growth ambitions with an affordable ERP solution, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us.

Read on to learn more about the functionality and benefits provided by the Kinetic proposition for smaller manufacturers.

* Inclusive of 1st year licenses and maintenance. Excludes travel and expenses. Finalized pricing is quoted on a per-customer basis.

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