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Get your business fit for the future with Epicor Kinetic

In our previous blog, we looked at the typical challenges manufacturers face when they use non-specialist software, like spreadsheets and emails, to manage their operations. Time-consuming manual calculations, the risk of human error around data re-entry, and the limited insight you can gain into business performance — all make it difficult to identity opportunities for improvement and stay on track for growth.

For smaller manufacturers, however, the ideal alternative — an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution — may have seemed out of reach. Too expensive, too long to wait for go-live, or an implementation that would be too disruptive to everyday business operations. That's why Epicor has developed an ERP proposition that meets your needs for affordability as well as smooth and rapid deployment.

Drawing on many years of experience of working with all types of manufacturers, we've ensured this proposition provides all the functionality you need to help you make your business more collaborative, efficient and future proof.

What's included in the solution

The solution provides smaller manufacturing companies with standardized core ERP functionality for:

Sales management. Produce accurate estimates, streamline your order-to-cash cycle, and ensure flawless order fulfilment.

Product management. Improve collaboration between engineering, procurement, production, sales and QA teams.

Planning and scheduling. Anticipate and respond to changes in customer demand to minimize downtime and disruption.

Supply chain management. Manage your supply chain more efficiently, from forecasting to fulfilment.

Production management. Simplify processes, reduce waste and improve profitability.

Financials. Manage financial operations and gain powerful insights into performance, expense and risk.

We can deploy your solution in the cloud or on your premises, depending on your preference. We can migrate your existing data into the solution, and provide training for your teams.

Benefits you'll experience

You'll benefit from a manufacturing-specific ERP solution that:

  • Provides increased visibility of your data, helping you make better decisions
  • Gives everyone a single point of access into the same set of data, providing a single source of truth
  • Makes collaboration easier, leading to increased productivity
  • Adds structure to your business with best-practice work instructions, helping you mature your operations
  • Makes it easier to work with customers and partners that use ERP solutions
  • Provides a scalable platform to support growth

Are you ready to advance your business?

If you'd like to know more about helping your business to grow with affordable Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP), we'd love to hear from you. Contact us.

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