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Cloud ERP Software—Flexibility, Scalability, and Ease to Keep Pace With Innovation

With a wide range of connected devices in your business, integrations with customers and suppliers, and an increasingly talent-oriented workforce, deploying your ERP software in the cloud has many advantages in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era.

Compared with most traditional in-house implementations, multi-tenant clouds provide greater security. Leading cloud providers today deliver best-practice services including complex encryption, intrusion detection and redundancy—valuable for the array of connected devices in an IIoT ready business.

Deploying in the cloud also means that your IT team are not bogged down with running updates and server patches; instead, they can focus on more strategic, value-adding activities. Upgrades? Well, they are smoother and essentially hands-off for you too.

If your business has multiple locations, each currently running different systems, then moving to a single, cloud-based ERP software solution will allow you to unify the experience for staff as well as reduce administrative, training and management efforts. A single, cloud-based ERP system will also allow you to more accurately benchmark performance across locations, and foster collaboration as barriers caused by inconsistency are removed. 

Scalability is another key advantage of a cloud deployment, as you can add or remove users to the system on demand, saving you from having to invest in significantly expensive hardware. Cloud-based ERP software also provides reduced deployment times as the necessary infrastructure is already in place. Through deployment and beyond, we will work with you to weed out manual processes and inefficiencies.

Leading manufacturers will continue to embrace the connected factory and advanced analytics to propel their future growth. Whether you move to the cloud or not, it is important that you are aware of the value it can bring to your business. That way you can be confident that you are adopting the solution that best suits your requirements.

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