Coping with Stress


By Rene Lissnik, Senior Content Specialist, Epicor University


Stress affects people in different ways, and everyone has a different method of dealing with it.


I had never thought of stress having a negative impact on my life until I suddenly found myself in the Neurology ward with a drip in my arm, and a constant after-a-bottle-of-whisky-like dizzy sick room spinning feeling, and I had it for ten full days.


I realized that I had not been organizing my work-life balance efficiently, and had not considered the question of stress management. Quite simply, the whole lifestyle package I had at the time needed appraisal.


In a culture where hard work is praised, it can be very difficult to recognize our own physical and mental limits. We have been taught since the early age to commit to our school, sport activities, jobs, projects, and building a career success story and somehow, at some time in our life, failed to realize that sometimes life will go on without constant commitments.


I am sure each of us worked long hours at the office, even when not needed, was asked to stop working so much overtime but ignored the request, spent much more time working than initially intended, or worried about meeting deadlines.


Well, two years ago I decided to apply some lifestyle changes to avoid stressors and triggers that negatively impacted my health.


Firstly, and I’ve found this to be a great mental filter, I started regular exercise in exchange for more work time, and I incorporated it into my weekly routine. It took me a while to find the best form of exercise, but once I found it, I have tried to follow it. I have been through Yoga; this one honestly did not work for me due to certain body contortions requirements! I have been through aerobic sessions; this one again was a failure, because I did not feel comfortable in the presence of twenty five women, and I was the only male representative attending at that time.  Finally, I decided to jog, and that did it for me! I have to say that since I have been jogging I actually enjoy it and feel much better. The good thing about jogging is that it allows you to exercise at any point during your day, even before the lunch break, of course only if your office is fitted with shower facilities. If not, do it right before or after work!


Secondly, I have changed my diet and eat healthy on most days. I have reduced my caffeine and sugar intake by half and eat low fat food on most days. However, there are still days when I sometimes break the rule!


Thirdly, I have balanced my family/work life. In reality though, getting the balance right is very tricky. As a father of three, I found it hard to allocate some quality time for my children and to conserve some energy for a game of soccer in the park. On most days we battle with the math homework waiting on the kitchen table or discussing school complaints from teachers about some silly misbehavior during lessons. Because having time with the children is important, I start my work earlier and usually finish before 6 pm. I have also noticed that I am actually more efficient work-wise before noon than I am after lunch and, therefore, the tiniest changes to your routine can make the biggest difference, to your children and to you.


Finally, and I’ve found this one to be the most effective and simplest out of all of the above, is that I write things down about what I have to do the next day. As a result, I no longer go to bed thinking about the projects that await me when I get up. My mind is free each evening and I can read a Harry Potter chapter to the kids without thinking about my work projects!

It can be very easy to ignore the signs and just soldier on. But if you recognize the signs then adjust a few things, you will become a happier human being. My wife says, ‘Happy wife, Happy life’. I say, ‘Happy employee, Successful company’.


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