Epicor recognised as Best ERP Systems Provider for the third time


Epicor recognised as “Best ERP Systems Provider” for the third time  

Awards are momentous milestones for everyone. Winning an award is proof that we are doing things right. We are making our customers happy and contribute significantly to the success of their business.

This year, we are very happy to announce that Epicor has been awarded "Best ERP Systems Provider" for the third time at the 2015 Asian Manufacturing Awards.

As we move into the digital age, massive amounts of data is constantly being generated. With rapid changes in the digital landscape, the pace of innovation is moving faster than anyone can possibly keep track of, with no end in sight. ERP technology is constantly unlocking newer, better growth channels by enhancing decision making, enabling collaboration and simplifying back-end processes.

“New sources of value are continuously opening up. With constant innovation, Epicor ERP can help eliminate the difficulties in change so our clients can reap the benefits,” said Craig Charlton, senior vice president Asia Pacific Operations for Epicor.

Our innovative technology helps clients easily obtain insight from their data so they can connect more personally with customers, help managers reduce risk, and deliver precise real-time information. Building agile and competitive businesses means staying ahead of changes. The only way to do so is through constant innovation.

The “Best ERP Systems Provider” award is a heartening recognition of our efforts to provide the best service possible to clients. We thank Contineo Media for continuously recognising the efforts of automation product manufacturers and service providers in striving for excellence in the manufacturing sector.

We also extend our appreciation to our Asian clients, who have supported and believed in our ability and technology to help achieve tangible benefits, enhance productivity and deliver innovative products and advances.

We will continue to work hard to provide the best in technology and customer service, supporting our clients with the most innovative solutions to enhance their business.

Look out for us at the next Asian Manufacturing Awards!



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