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  • ROI Sample E-mail

    Below is a sample e-mail detailing the business benefits of attending Retail Insights 2015. In addition, the column to the right provides a list of ideas for how to best justify your presence at the most important live conference event for Epicor Retail, QuantiSense, and ShopVisible users.

    Dear Manager,

    I’m very excited about the opportunity to attend Insights 2015—the Epicor Global User Conference—scheduled for May 18-21, 2015. There will be multiple days of hands-on education, networking with industry peers, and over 600 sessions to choose from.

    The conference offers content directly applicable to my work on the (insert: project(s) or initiatives you are working on), and will allow me to network with a number of Epicor product experts and over 3,000 Epicor users. Many of the technical presentations cover how to reduce costs, increase ROI, and deal with compliance issues. I’ve highlighted some of the ways the company will benefit from having me attend this conference.

    • Training from Epicor Technical Staff:
      Labs are an opportunity for demonstrating practical software solutions. If I pick up just a couple tips for improving my skills and boost productivity by just 5%, that would result in saving more than 100 hours a year.
    • Education ROI:
      Four-hour Extended Education sessions offered the weekend prior to Insights (Saturday and Sunday) are only $260, while normally they each cost over $495. This is an opportunity for me to gain hands-on skills on my personal time.
    • One-On-One Time:   
      I'll be able to spend time interacting one-on-one with professionals who normally charge upwards of $200 per hour.
    • Reduced Incremental Costs:
      The hotel rate is discounted and I will only be away from the office for three days. 

    Here’s a link to the conference site, Epicor Retail Insights Customer Conference. I really believe attendance is important to help maximize our investment in Epicor. Please send back your approval for the registration fee and travel expenses or let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks again for considering this opportunity!

    Your Name

  • More Reasons to Attend

    • Focus on the user efficiency and education cost savings that sessions with retailers and Epicor Retail, QuantiSense, and ShopVisible product experts will provide.
    • Mention how you will implement at least one performance change you'll learn at the conference.
    • Document or highlight company savings associated with what you learned if you attended previously.
    • Form execution teams after the event, distribute the information, act on it, and follow up.
    • Train others and give a presentation to co-workers on what you learned.
    • Make professional contacts that you can consult long after the conference ends.
    • If you are a QuantiSense or ShopVisible customer, emphasize the value of getting to know the larger Epicor Retail community you are now part of and the additional resources you can now leverage.
    • Calculate the cost of your independent research vs. getting real-time solutions at the conference that can be implemented immediately.
    • Meet one-on-one with Epicor Retail executives, senior management, and product experts during the conference.
    • You will be able to easily identify your Epicor Retail, QuantiSense, and ShopVisible product peers, so you can sit together and build relationships in your specific user community—these are resources that can be consulted well after the conference is over.
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