• Migrate to Grow, Compete and Thrive

    Proven LBM Expertise and the Latest Technology for Falcon and Catalyst Users

    It won’t come as a surprise that many lumber and building materials (LBM) businesses have replaced their aging software systems with more modern, capable business management systems like Epicor BisTrack.

    To face the LBM challenges of today, you need an all-in-one system that can effectively grow with your business. Here are just a few of many ways BisTrack can help businesses using Falcon and Catalyst:

    • Greater real-time visibility with easy-to-use and flexible reporting and dashboards, allow for more responsive problem resolution and decision-making
    • See how much easier and effective it is to run a business with a more integrated system including delivery and dispatch, document management and more
    • Complete business digitalization—from ecommerce and online account management, to mobile sales, service in the aisles, to mobile warehouse tools and more
    Wilson Lumber Company

    "Epicor BisTrack software makes process workflows more efficient and helps us budget, forecast, and set operational goals so that we can remain a successful and growth-oriented business."
    Robb Wilson, President | Wilson Lumber Company

    Read the complete story to learn how former Falcon user, Wilson Lumber, relies on BisTrack to help drive business growth.

    Gains and Improvements From an Advanced, Scalable Platform That Can Grow With Your Business

    Kimal Lumber Company

    Kimal Lumber Company

    Find out why former Falcon user, Kimal Lumber, made the move to BisTrack.

    Cost of Doing Nothing

    Cost of Doing Nothing: Why You Can't Afford to Sit on an ERP Software Decision

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    Six Reasons For Switching to BisTrack

    Six Reasons For Switching to BisTrack

    Learn why Epicor LBM customers on aging systems have made the move to BisTrack.

    Why LBM Dealers Need Modern Software

    Why LBM Dealers Need Modern Software

    Industry expert, Greg Brooks, comments on the importance of modern technologies for LBM businesses.

    Migrating to BisTrack: Opportunities for Increased Visibility and Streamlined Operations

    Sunroc Building Materials, mines real-time business data for intelligence to grow profitably.

    Epicor BisTrack Virtual Tour

    Meet your growth needs with Epicor BisTrack

    With 40+ years in the LBM industry, Epicor helps dealers and distributors grow with an ERP system that helps keep them thriving in today’s ever-changing, highly-competitive marketplace. See how Epicor BisTrack capabilities and benefits can drive your business forward.

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