• Migrate to Grow, Compete, and Thrive

    Proven Expertise and the Latest Technology

    Legacy system users begin working around their outdated system with ineffective, not automatic processes that take up valuable time. Users are cornered into manual processes and finding ways to work around their ERP system, instead of with their ERP system.

    To face the distribution challenges of today, you need the technology of today.

    • Deep value and low risk from a proven business system, based on a half-century of focus on distribution
    • An end-to-end business system for wholesale distributors delivering a specialized, industry-rich feature set
    • Complete business digitalization—from open eCommerce, to mobile sales and field services, to wireless sales counters and warehouses, to customer optimization tools
    • Touch more customers, increase profitability, and engage your employees with on-premises, cloud, and hosted alternatives

    “It’s hard to imagine to be considered a modern distributor using outdated software. The difference in the user experience, functionality and features from Acclaim to Prophet 21 has saved us a tremendous amount of time in being able to handle business requests at the pace today’s distribution business requires.”
    Brent Meizlish, vice president, operations, Buckeye Industrial Supply

    Meet Your Growth Challenges With Epicor Prophet 21

    Prophet 21 Overview Brochure

    Prophet 21 Overview

    Know when you’ve outgrown your current software solution. Learn what Prophet 21 has to offer Distributors.

    The Competitive Advantage of Mobility eBook

    Case Study

    Stellar Industrial, Former Acclaim user migrates to Prophet 21.

    Growing a Modern, Integrated Distributor White Paper

    Growing a Modern, Integrated Distributor

    Learn the five identifiable groups of activities to grow and sustain your distibution business.

    Epicor Executive Guide to Building Business Case for Next Generation Enterprise Applications White Paper

    Building Business Case for Next Generation Applications

    Executive guide to building a business case of next-generation enterprise applications

    Prophet 21 Virtual Tour and Demo

    Meet Your Growth Challenges With Epicor Prophet 21

    Acclaim to Prophet 21 Virtual Tour and Demo

    Learn why Distributors choose Epicor’s Prophet 21 to grow with a modern, cloud-based ERP system that has the deep industry value of an experienced, global supplier, who understands your business. With a half-century of distribution experience Epicor helps small to mid-sized distributors grow with cloud or on-premise ERP systems that keep them healthy and thriving in today’s ever-changing, highly-competitive marketplace.

    Migrate to Growth

    Drive sales, increase profits, differentiate from
    the competition, and retain employees with Epicor Prophet 21.

    Prophet 21 has given Duncan-Parnell improved visibility into business operations and easier access to determine profitability.

  • Prophet 21 delivers flexible, scalable solutions that are loaded with rich functionality that distributors need, without the custom work and high cost of adapting to change. Prophet 21 customers are always on the upgrade path, and will never get stuck with a solution that can’t meet the changing market conditions.

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