• Cloud vs. On Premises

    How to Choose the Right ERP Deployment Option

  • There is no denying that ERP in the cloud is more cost effective and more secure, enabling your business to be more agile, and operate globally in real-time. Some vendors suggest that there is only one answer to the question ‘how is the best way to deploy in the cloud?’ That’s pure nonsense.

    Epicor is a leader in the ERP space because we provide choice—choice in the cloud, and the ability to choose to deploy on-premises if that’s what right for you. Equally important is the ability to easily change your deployment model if your business or technical needs change.

    So, when you’re getting the ‘our way or the highway’ sales pitch from another company, question why you—the expert on your current and future business needs― shouldn’t be in charge of making the decision for yourself. And ask them what happens if your needs change in the future—can they accommodate your dynamics business?

    Epicor ERP Deployment Options

    • Dedicated Tenancy—Available for Epicor ERP in North America, this dedicated cloud option offers the benefits of greater flexibility and control, and can be ideal for organizations needing to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements.
    • Epicor ERP Multi-Tenant—Provides the most cost effective deployment of Epicor ERP, delivering pure web based access to your always current cloud based ERP deployment.
    • Epicor ERP Single Tenant—The right choice for clients who want more control over their ERP deployment, and demand say in their system configuration and administration than is available through a traditional multi-tenant cloud deployment.
    • Hybrid Deployment—A compelling deployment scenario for clients who want to mix cloud deployment of some Epicor ERP solutions (or locations) with others deployed on premises. Hybrid deployment is especially common with global organizations and companies with strong centralized IT departments who need to support a global IT footprint.
    • On-Premises Deployment—Epicor ERP On-Premises is the same code base we use in the cloud, allowing you the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that if you choose to move ‘back on-premises’ at any point it’s easy to do. You can just as easily move from on-premises into the cloud, ideal for clients who want a strategy that allows them to migrate to the cloud on their own terms.

    Learn more about how Epicor respects your right to choose the deployment model that’s right for your business. Learn how freedom of choice delivers agility.

  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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