The ideal ERP solution for “The Revolutionary” CFO


Our last blog explored the Traditionalist leadership style, how they approach technology, and what they need in an ERP solution in order to best succeed. 

Now we’ll look at the Traditionalist’s polar opposite: The Revolutionary.The ideal ERP solution for “The Revolutionary” CFO

The Revolutionary: Risk taker

Charismatic by nature, Revolutionary CFOs make up 20% of today’s CFOs according to our recent survey. Revolutionaries are happy to change corporate culture and structures if the need arises, and like to drive the agenda forward by setting tough and challenging goals. They take a less structured approach and often work outside of formal systems and processes.

Revolutionaries are known for taking risks, basing their decision-making more on instinct than empirical data. This can backfire at times, but it’s also proven to result in great reward—in fact, the Revolutionary CFO is the most likely to experience a profit increase compared to their peers (72% vs. 64% on average).

On the downside, only 15% of Revolutionary CFOs prioritise working across departments and functions and collaborating with their colleagues compared to 22% on average. They can also be quite critical of IT—48% of Revolutionaries find their IT support to be inadequate, a sentiment shared by only 36% of their peers.  This may be a reflection of their demanding style – they feel that IT needs to improve without needing to invest too much.

Collaborative ERP works well for the Revolutionary

Because Revolutionary CFOs don’t prioritise cross-functional collaboration, they could be missing out on critical input that could increase the organisation’s success. Fortunately, since they are open to trying new things, they could benefit from the social collaborative tools in modern ERP systems to gain access to their colleagues’ insights. This can help further improve their decision-making, as well as profit growth. 

Finally, their selected ERP solution has to be robust and responsive enough to satisfy even the most demanding Revolutionary CFO’s high expectations. 

In our next blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at The Politician CFO type and the ERP that best suits them.

Take our online quiz to find out which leadership style most closely matches the way you work and find out more in our ERP resource centre about how Epicor ERP can help you collaborate more effectively and make better decisions, faster.

Posted by Martin Hill, VP, International Marketing


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