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Despite living in an age where technology takes centre stage, people remain a business’s most valuable asset. Equipping staff with the right blend of tools and support plays a key part in creating a motivated and driven team. And, whilst there is no one recipe for workplace happiness, we all know that a happy workforce is also a productive one.

With businesses keen to eradicate anything that could spoil their specific formula, stress remains a cause for concern, with recent research  citing work as more stressful than health, finance, debt and relationship problems for over half the respondents. Indeed our own research conducted with ICM suggests that not equipping staff with the information they need to make informed decisions is leading to higher levels of stress, according to 40 per cent of European office workers.

Making a decision should not be a cause for anxiety or poor performance. But with one in five office workers fearing job loss as a result of a poor decision, businesses could be jeopardizing staff health and well-being due to a lack of support in this area.

For those companies who ignore the warning signs, the impact of poorly made decisions could go much deeper than the individual. The overall performance of the organization is likely to suffer as a result, according to nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of those who took part in our survey.

Our infographic highlights some additional key concerns that office workers have when it comes to the ramifications of uninformed decisions.

Due to the nature of todays on demand, ‘always available’ society, big decisions now need to be made quickly. But without insight available at the touch of a button, workers are being put in stressful situations which could result in grave consequences for the company including poor organizational performance (27 per cent) or loss of revenue (22 per cent). However, over half of the respondents believe the answer could lie in technology, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Analytics and automation play a key role in equipping staff with the tools they need to make informed decisions, rather than relying on gut feel. Next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can offer this necessary insight and turn the vast mountains of information that exist within today’s office environment into something usable and actionable, to back up every decision.

Equipping employees with real-time, relevant information in the format they need- via a technology they understand- will result in better and faster decisions being made. By providing this vital level of support, decision making can become a less stressful for staff, making them happier and more confident in the workplace.

For more information and insights from our office worker research, please visit our presentation on SlideShare.

Posted by Martin Hill, Vice President Marketing, Epicor International


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