“The Conductor” CFO’s perfect ERP solution match


“The Conductor” CFO’s perfect ERP solution matchOur last blog took a closer look at the leadership style of the Politician CFO and the ERP features that would best suit their decision-making needs. Let’s now step into the world of the Conductor CFO to determine their perfect ERP solution match, based on their unique style.

The Conductor: Creative thinker but skim reader

In 2015, Epicor commissioned a survey conducted by Redshift Research Ltd that surveyed more than 1,500 finance business professionals in 11 countries. Comprising 17% of today’s CFOs, Conductor CFOs like to work outside of formal systems and processes to get things done, and they set challenging goals for themselves and their teams. As creative thinkers and intuitive custodians, Conductors work at a fast pace and are more likely to make decisions based on instinct rather than hard data.

Conductors have a tendency to make decisions alone. They may skim over information rather than examine the details, which carries the risk of mistakes. Conductors are the most likely to feel that their IT system is easy to use—however, this may be because they are less likely to demand drill-down/detailed information, and are content to work with summary or overview-type information.

Easy access to detailed, timely data is perfect for Conductors

Conductors need access to the right data for their needs at the right time—including the drill-down data they’d normally skip—in a fast and easily accessible way. When supported by a modern ERP platform that equips them with highly relevant, detailed information, Conductors can improve their decision-making and better guide the performance of their organisation without missing a beat. 

In addition, social collaboration tools embedded inside the ERP solution can inspire Conductors to collaborate with their colleagues, and not make as many decisions alone.

In our next blog, we’ll explore the specific style and ERP needs of The Carer CFO.

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Posted by Martin Hill, VP, International Marketing



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