Harnessing the Momentum of SoMoClo


If it seems like you’ve heard the term “SoMoClo” bandied about lately, your instincts are correct. As social, mobile, and cloud technologies increase their part in our everyday lives, SoMoClo has attained a momentum that promises to change the way everyone does business. As Chris Heuer, specialist leader at Deloitte Consulting, comments in a recent post, SoMoClo is “our new socioeconomic infrastructure.”

The Aberdeenb Group defines SoMoClo as the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud IT infrastructure that provides the opportunity for radical business transformation and resource realignment. In the introduction to an Aberdeen “Analyst Insight,” research director Andrew Borg explains:

“The notion of a client in the classic client/server model is dissolving: the endpoint is now the user, whose identity, social activity, and access permissions are managed in the cloud. The customer, the enterprise knowledge worker, and the channel partner may all be presumed mobile; that is, tied to neither a specific location nor device. This same model applies equally well to machine-to-machine (M2M) and machine-to-human (M2H) communications as well. This transformation offers competitive differentiation through process efficiency and streamlined workflow. … The SoMoClo framework is a roadmap for how to get there—to a unified social, mobile and cloud strategy—from here—the current position of your IT infrastructure along the continuum from disparate to fully converged.”

The fact is that SoMoClo is driving behaviors and decision making, in the workplace as well as the personal space. In an article on Cloud Times, Scott Hebner, vice president, IBM cloud and business infrastructure management, asserts that SoMoClo needs to evolve for the enterprise.

“This represents the next chapter of the Internet transformation (and corresponding standardization), enabling more flexible delivery of services and expanding reach and collaboration for new levels of productivity,” he says. Hebner suggests five guidelines for those companies adopting SoMoClo strategies:

  1. Guidelines work better than restrictions.
  2. Security is key as BYOD (bring your own device) proliferates.
  3. Keep employee morale and productivity in mind.
  4. Draw the line before compromising customer data.
  5. Leverage SoMoClo to maximize both your marketing and IT potential.

As the growing momentum of SoMoClo breaks down the barriers to its broadscale use in the enterprise, consider these points as foundations for best practices.

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