SMBs Are Outsourcing for Growth and Profitability


According to Gartner, 90 percent of all new businesses created in the United States are in the small to mid-sized business (SMB) category. As these businesses realize they can level the playing field with their larger competitors by turning over non-core business functions to outside service providers, their ability to focus on their main competencies improves their prospects for growth. Analyst IDC also notes this same key reason for growth in this outsourcing: the need for smaller companies to free up resources to focus on core skills in order to be competitive.   

The range of reasons small businesses outsource is wide and varied, including:

  • Improving focus on core competencies
  • Offloading non-strategic IT and business operations
  • Aligning IT with business priorities
  • Enabling IT staff to focus more on strategic activities
  • Cutting costs
  • Improving service levels
  • Centralizing disparate operations
  • Maximizing business agility
  • Alleviating staffing issues
  • Incorporating newer technology and greater technological expertise
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

With today’s business environment becoming more challenging than ever, SMBs are hard pressed to reduce operational costs and utilize resources optimally. While historically the concept of outsourcing has been associated with large enterprises, increasingly SMBs are pursuing outsourcing strategies as a strategic option to improve growth and bottom line profitability.

Epicor Outsourcing offers SMBs a set of flexible services that helps meet such needs by leveraging the company’s deep domain expertise. These services are sized for the company being served and can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual business.  A variety of managed services based on Epicor’s core competencies enable customers to reduce risk, simplify complexity, and offload non-strategic operations. These include:

  • System Monitoring: 24x7 IT environment monitoring and expert resources to resolve issues
  • System Assurance: An affordable and pragmatic solution for disaster recovery
  • Application Management: End–to-end maintenance and management of Epicor applications
  • Managed Hosting: Cost-effective hosting solution combining infrastructure, software, and services
  • Helpdesk Management: Help desk services for end user support

Customers are provided access to knowledgeable experts, specialized resources, and world-class facilities. As the services build upon themselves, customers can choose the service level that provides the right balance of in-house and external resources that best meets their needs.

Posted by Amy Baker, Manager, Product Marketing


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