Preview: Epicor UK Insights 2015




Telford’s International Conference Centre is the venue for the 2015 Annual Epicor Insights conference. It’s a chance for Epicor users, customers, employees and the ever-growing ecosystem (including a vibrant user group) to get together and find out what’s new.  

And there’s plenty to cover. First, the business automation and business intelligence worlds have been electric in the past year, with big data and how to use it never far from the agenda of smart business owners. ERP has spread its influence across the supply chain, with companies finding efficiencies across their processes.  

The news agenda has also put traceability and commercial compliance firmly back on the agenda. Everything from the horsemeat scandal to the popularity of Fairtrade and sustainability in the food chain mean that in the foodservice sector, ERP is a powerful driver.

In today’s show, Epicor Tropos, the specialist ERP system for process manufacturing that includes traceability features, will therefore be making a particularly big appearance. The workhorse Epicor ERP 10 will also get a thorough review with case studies and a roadmap for 2015/16. And for fans of getting your hands dirty, a newcomer to Epicor Insights is the LAB, a series of sessions devoted to sleeves-up configuration of your Epicor deployment.

Come back here for more updates throughout the day!

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