Moscow: The evolution of the hospitality industry



Epicor iScala Hospitality is a key part of the Epicor iScala product range. It is used by 14 of the world's top 20 hospitality chains in over 450 hotel locations throughout 65 countries. During the recent customer event in Moscow, a discussion took place that focused on the trends and challenges faced by those within the hospitality industry. 

During the discussion, it became clear that these challenges encompass a number of different areas – from using innovative high tech technologies and real time marketing in the right way, to the importance of customer service and reputation management.    

A presentation by ‎Epicor product marketing manager, Nina Domingo, highlighted specifically how the new functionality in iScala 3.0 can be beneficial for the hospitality industry and how it can support hotels, resorts, restaurants and clubs around the world in growing their businesses. During her presentation Nina explained how iScala can help hotels keep up with the technology trends. She also thanked the audience for their contribution and encouraged every client to continue to provide Epicor with feedback, which, in turn, would continue to support the further development of the product.

Delegates heard how iScala can streamline operations, maximize efficiency, integrate front and back office systems, analyze financial data in real-time, prepare budgets and forecasts. During the event, it was also discussed how Epicor iScala Hospitality can support a single location hotel or multi-site operations with mixed shared servic e centres and local facilities around the globe.

The event concluded with a presentation from Maxim Malyavskiy, Epicor R&D, about Epicor ERP 10. Maxim provided the audience with an overview of the benefits of the product, its ease of installation, how simple it is to use, the mobile features, and social collaboration.

The event was attended by more than 50 representatives from a number of different hotels across the country as well as customers from other industries including manufacturing and distribution. The customer conference brought together Epicor customers, partners, and experts, who discussed and compared best practices, strategies, solutions and insights.  


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