Epicor Brings Next-Generation Platform to Epicor iScala


In order to remain competitive, enterprises must be prepared to adapt business processes quickly to ever-changing market trends and demands. Quite often, the technology that helped automate an enterprise in the past is the same technology that keeps it trapped today — unable to adapt to the ebb and flow of the global economy. The business technologies of tomorrow need to be intuitive, compliant and adaptive.

In response to this demand, Epicor ICE business architecture – a modern and visionary technology platform for Epicor enterprise software solutions – delivers the business requirements for next-generation technologies today. Epicor ICE is available with Epicor ERP, Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor Eclipse, and now with the latest release of Epicor iScala (version 3.0).

In a recent post we discussed the advent of Epicor ICE to Epicor iScala delivering next-generation technologies and best-in-class applications designed to extend the power of the solution across the entire organization. There has never been a more significant advancement in the technology that supports Epicor iScala than the introduction of Epicor ICE. The initial integration offers customers their first glimpse into the power of the Epicor ICE platform. It brings new capabilities to Epicor iScala like Dashboards, Business Activity Queries (BAQs) and the potential to interact with the system like never before – enabling users to achieve enhanced levels of mobility, accessibility and interactivity among business applications. Epicor ICE acts as a connector and an application builder, providing businesses with access to the latest applications and technical capabilities while still taking advantage of industry-leading ERP functionality in Epicor iScala.   

By extending the capabilities of the Epicor iScala application, Epicor ICE allows customers to stay ahead of the important technology innovations that are affecting business today. Advances in consumer technology have raised everyone’s expectations—customers, suppliers, and employees want the same level of service and experience that smartphones have introduced. Modernizing your technology arsenal with Epicor ICE means everyone can work when, where and how they need to work, and can make decisions based on information tailored to their own specific needs. Remote, or information-only workers, can get access to critical data without ever having to sign in to their Epicor iScala application, because with Epicor ICE, you don’t have to be in the ERP to use the ERP.

More than a technology layer, Epicor ICE is an expansive toolset that enables greater productivity, and drives continuous improvement by eliminating waste among critical business processes. Some features of this new technology include:

Enterprise Search —  A sophisticated search engine with a familiar look and feel that brings the personal Internet experience to the workplace and provides all employees, regardless of location, with access to Epicor iScala data (and more) from one simple search field.

BAQ’s — A dynamic query engine and graphical orchestration tool, used to create personalized or standard queries that can be used throughout the application to generate reports, quick searches, and support portal views and dashboard views.

Dashboards — An application that allows users to easily publish updateable dashboards of user-specific information from Epicor iScala to mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or any Web browser-enabled device.

View a short video to learn how having technology that increases your ability to adapt to change can position you for competitive advantage. Quicker integration of new applications that support new processes and ways of working will keep your business on course to achieve your set of goals.

Posted by Robert Sinfield, Senior Manager, Product Marketing


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