Insights UK Executive Keynote: Joe Cowan


During the Insights 2015 keynote presentation, Epicor CEO Joe Cowan discussed his priorities. In his own words, “Last year I said, we’re reworking our processes around you. Here’s how we’re doing it.”


As a customer service obsessive, Joe’s instinct was to identify the top priorities for Epicor, so he regularly gains feedback from customers about our service levels. The feedback has been formulated into a set of three clear priorities:

  • Making it easy to do business – both with Epicor and the end customer
  • The quality of the product and service
  • Demonstrable value

Says Joe, “Ease of business is the whole process, from the first time the customer engages. Through every touch point, you’re thinking: are we easy to do business with? You put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and you ask, is that how I’d want to be treated? We ask that, too.”

Cowan also unveiled a clear strategy for product quality. He says, “Our aim is to drive value for your business”, and quotes analysts Gartner*, who state that growth is the greatest priority for businesses today, particularly in the post-recession world. And Gartner say that growth comes from an alliance of technology, workforce/employees activation and relationships with customers.

Cowan therefore bases the Epicor quality strategy on six key pillars:

  • Simplicity, ease of use – as all technology should be
  • Visionary technology – allowing clients to remain ahead of the curve
  • Globalisation and compliance – meeting customers’ needs as they expand
  • Industry excellence – always aiming high
  • Product enhancements – solving customer problems
  • Expanded product portfolio – by development or acquisition

“Quality is built in at the beginning”, says Joe. “Today, we expect things to plug in and work straight away, and to keep on working. We know our customers demand that of us, because their customers demand that resilience of them.”

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