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A couple of weeks’ ago we hosted our annual German customer conference in Frankfurt. Customers and partners arrived with high expectations for open discussions, expert insights and an update on the latest Epicor product developments and best practices in ERP.

The event itself consisted of a number of live demos combined with workshops for topics including mobile ERP and social ERP, as well a number of customer presentations. Plus, to add a third party perspective to the event, sponsoring partners DotNet IT, DSPanel, TIE Kinetix and XSOL provided advice and insight on value-added services and solutions for modern ERP environments.



While the event itself was varied, the main message was clear: over the next two years the manufacturing industry will invest heavily in ERP modernization. Therefore, finding a reliable long-term partner with continuous innovation plans is vital.

A well-established system integrator and Epicor ERP partner for small and medium-sized businesses, SMC IT AG understands that German manufacturers rely on local service partners that are able to understand industry-specific needs, support their international expansion plans and drive innovation initiatives. Asked about their decision to include Epicor into their solution portfolio, the outstanding collaboration features, modern user interfaces and open software architecture of Epicor EPR were named as key reasons for the decision.

However, beside technology features, SMC IT AG also raised a very valuable point – that the ERP user experience is now a vital selection criterion for today’s Generation Y, a generation that will be at the forefront of the development of the businesses of the future. This generation will want the tools they use in their business life, to be as intuitive and as user-friendly as the ones they use in their personal lives. Therefore, approvals via smartphones, problem solving using social technologies or Google-like information access will be just a few of the decisive features that they look for when selecting ERP as a business critical software solution.

However, it’s not just customer expectations that will be driving the shift in ERP requirements but the changing technology landscape too. Another hot topic at the event was Industry 4.0 – loosely defined as the next phase of industrial revolution - or in other words, the Internet of Things (IoT), where smart devices are intelligent enough to assume major control over our machines of manufacturing and distribution.

According to Guido Heinz, Channel Manager Europe and Wolfgang Verheyen, Senior Director Consulting Services at Epicor, networked machines and data sources will initially enhance optimization strategies in maintenance and capacity utilization for manufacturing operations. A generation of new revenue sources with Internet of Things solutions will follow. However one thing’s for certain; Epicor ERP is ready to embrace these opportunities head-on.

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