How to Deliver More: Educate Companies on Lean Thinking


With the unpredictable economic market, now more than ever, businesses must evaluate processes to gain efficiency throughout the organization. When business processes encounter “waste” or unused production, they become inefficient which influences the company’s bottom line. The waste can further lead to a loss of value positioned in a company by its customers and key stakeholders.

To help business processes improve efficiency and drive more value to the customers, it is vital to develop a cost effective approach, called “Lean.”

Lean is not just a tool, but more of a methodology to turn waste into value. Lean is a focus on speed, eliminating waste and delivering more value to customers. When implementing Lean techniques, credibility is important to build around the effectiveness of selected initiatives. The Lean technique analyzes end-to-end processes and determines how to deliver more to the customer with much less.

One key method to develop credibility is to certify major stakeholders in Lean tools and practices. As one of the top companies in the industry, Epicor recently launched a Lean Certification program to provide a comprehensive suite of information on lean tools and techniques. The program consists of a two-day interactive course that combines lecture and group activity sessions to develop Lean specialists within an organization. The curriculum offers applicable knowledge and templates relevant at their company. Participants can earn the Epicor Lean Certification by completing an open book examination at the end of the course.

Here is a preview of the Lean Certification course:

Day 1

  • How to become a “lean thinker”- introduction to Lean concepts and history of Lean
  • Identify the seven deadly wastes: defects, inventory, over processing, waiting, motion, transportation and over production
  • Lean techniques- value stream mapping, kaban calculations, 5S, root cause counter measure and others

Day 2

  • Synopsis of the Lean Kaizen practice
  • Lean tools in your business- Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Project Management tool
  • Lean Success- Poke Yoke systems and how to build process improvement teams
  • Certification exam

“This was great. I appreciate how interactive it was and how we can immediately apply the tools and concepts in our business,” said Rene Savage, vice president for Stellar Industrial.

The Lean Certification program is an integral part of ongoing initiatives for Epicor University to provide the best-in-class training and education resources for customers, partners and employees worldwide.

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