Meet the Team: Craig Charlton, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations


Meet Epicor’s Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations, Craig Charlton. Craig brings more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of software sales, marketing, consulting, customer service and product development to his role at Epicor.

Q: Craig, what is your vision for the new Epicor?

A: To be the dominate provider of  ERP systems to the global midmarket. We are already a formidable competitor and win a high percentage of the opportunities we engage in, but we need to ensure that we are building passionate Epicor advocates in our customer base and continue to spread the word that Epicor is the “best kept secret” in  Global ERP.

Q: What is most important in your role as Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations, that will help to achieve this vision?

A: My role is to build the best possible team for Epicor. The battle for talent is fierce and I see the primary part of my role as creating a culture that talented people want to join and an environment where people want to achieve great things. As I say to my team regularly, “I would hate to be competing with us” and this only holds true as long as we keep a great team together. People typically want to belong; want to feel valued; want to feel they have made a difference; want to be part of a winning team and want to have fun. My role is to ensure we build an environment to satisfy these needs and that the team maintains an “attitude of gratitude” with our customers every day.

Q: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? 

A: Maybe I am too competitive, but to be invisible would be extremely handy in post demonstration client deliberations and to sit in on the occasional competitor’s software demonstration! Our win rates might move up a couple of notches if that were the case.

Craig Charlton

Craig Charlton, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific Operations

Posted by Morgan Liti, Social Media Team, Epicor


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