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Emile van de Klok, Managing Director for Amsterdam-based Epicor partner, TIE Kinetix, offers this extraordinary fact: 80% of corporate transactions still involve paper. Cheques may be on the way out, but there are still paper-based elements everywhere: invoices, receipts or any number of other spurious scraps of scribbled information.

The cost of paper is vast – analysts suggest that processing a paper invoice can cost up to £70. And it’s not just transactions; cutting paper also has benefits across other parts of your business process map:

  • Reduce the need for archive storage estate
  • Make documents more accessible, searchable, or even interactive
  • Improve compliance – demonstrably to regulators
  • Reduce document processing time and errors by automation instead of manual retyping
  • Get actionable information back from field operations (testers, couriers, client services) more quickly – and so improve the velocity of the supply chain
  • Lock down security

Historically, a series of paper-free initiatives have arisen to help achieve these benefits. Unfortunately, despite the objectives and technologies being largely the same, different solutions have used to address each area. For example, EDI standards evolved around transactional business to business activities while scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) evolved to turn existing paper into electronic messages. More legally-minded standards evolved to cover the archiving of electronic documents … and so the story goes on.

The current trend, however, is towards simplicity, ease of deployment and consistency across departments and technologies. Epicor has therefore developed a completely standardised Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway to Epicor Tropos in partnership with TIE Kinetix which supports all of these areas.

This supports companies moving towards EDI wherever it occurs in the process chain; from raw materials through processing to invoicing and payment, on any platform or channel.

It also means that where a company wishes to add new trading partners the support for these is already in place within the solution so Tropos can maintain compatibility whilst continuing to rapidly release new service packs because the burden of interface support is hugely reduced; and that means better compatibility and more new services for customers.

Under the new integration model, TIE Kinetix handles the interfacing of all popular EDI disciplines (eInvoicing, eTablet, eArchival etc.) into Tropos in one go: it’s fast to deploy and scalable. To explore the potential opportunities and value of the Tropos Connected Business Network in your business, Epicor is offering a free ‘eBusiness Scan’. Simply email Dave McGill on to take the survey!



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