One Business Challenge Can Lead to Overall Company Improvement


For over 40 years,  Race Brothers Farm and Home Supply of Springfield, Missouri has been owned and operated by the DeForest family. The company has more than 100 employees in its three locations. Race Brothers promises to provide outstanding service and products primarily for retail farm supply businesses.

Race Brothers is committed to improving their employees’ experience, which in return has overwhelming influence on the quality of customer service their stores can provide. In an interview featured in this month’s issue of Integrated Solutions for Retailers, Race Brothers discusses how overcoming one business challenge has greatly improved their company overall.

Preceding the implementation of the Training on Demand program, Race Brothers was experiencing difficulties sharing information across the management team down to each employee. Race Brothers was using traditional ways of training their employees; cashier to cashier, stock person to stock person. “Looking at the marketplace and comparing how we were fairing in relation to other training programs within industry businesses, we knew there was a large gap in communication between our staff at all levels,” said Roy Mason, VP and manager at Race Brothers. “We began implementing TOD with the main goal of creating one comprehensive training program for use in all three stores.”

Currently, with the use of Training on Demand, the Race Brothers’ training program allows for comparable training in all three stores. “The Epicor Training on Demand program is so powerful,” said Mason. “We were not utilizing training appropriately, especially at the management level. Now, we are effectively implementing many more training programs, and significantly improving the productivity of our employees.”

Read more about Race Brothers featured in the February 2013 issue of  Integrated Solutions for Retailers.

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