Powerful New Version of Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite Connects Independent Retailers to Consumers


Competing online is a new game for many independent retailers. As competition from big-box stores continuously increases, it is essential for owners of independent brick-and-mortar stores to consider growing their businesses with expansion into the world of eCommerce. Many know they need to define a consistent strategy to sell online, but retailers need effective tools for that strategy to be successful. With technology, retailers are able to connect with consumers in powerful new ways.

Whether your business has already established an Internet presence, or you’re preparing to take a business online, eCommerce can mean much more than an additional “purchasing location” for consumers. It’s also about maintaining relevancy in today’s fast-paced market. The new version of Epicor iNet™ eBusiness Suite*, an integrated eCommerce and eBusiness technology solution, offers an additional storefront to consumers and is a valuable tool for everything from product research and purchase, to directions to your store. By providing convenient self-service information, consumers and commercial customers can find that the new Epicor iNet software makes it easier for them to do business with retailers.

New doors for both the retailer and their customers are opened with eCommerce. By selecting the correct solution for a business, retailers can magnify their footprint and capitalize on increasing valuable customer relationships not just locally, but nationally and globally. In addition to better connecting to your consumers, eCommerce is another way to grow a revenue stream outside the traditional retail space, as well as help keep costs down by letting customers serve themselves.

Kinnucan’s Specialty Outfitter, founded in 1987, operates the company’s online store with Epicor iNet software. “If you're in the retail business you will eventually have to be an eCommerce business if you want to compete effectively and have any future,” said Bobby Lake, president of Kinnucan’s Specialty Outfitter. “We spent a lot of time and energy making sure that our brick-and-mortar business was successfully and efficiently operated. Since we had all those pieces in place, it was our time to move into eCommerce to expand our business further. Epicor iNet is the technology behind our eCommerce strategy. The benefit for us is that we’re now able to take our business across county, city, and state lines – geography is no longer an issue.”

The newest version of Epicor iNet software is packed with powerful and timesaving new features, including:

  • Emailed reminders to shoppers who abandoned online carts – notifications for them to return and complete their purchase with ease
  • Comprehensive support for multiple payment processors on a single eCommerce site – you can now accept more forms of payment
  • Allow ACH “eChecks” from Authorized .Net – reduce transaction fees when paying on an account 
  • Support for Promotion Codes – attract new customers and run free shipping or free gift promotions online
  • Item-level Shipping Rules – assign the right rates for bulky and overweight items
  • More shopping convenience for your customers – enhanced search capabilities, multiple shipping addresses and more.

How do you get started with eCommerce? Every good strategy begins with an evaluation period. Take a complete look at your organization before you even consider the technology. Are you ready to run eCommerce as an incorporated division? Evaluate you're people and understand whether or not you have the right operational model and framework to support online selling, and if you can meet and support the needs of your customers.

As an independent retailer you're competing with a sea of options. When a consumer wants something, regardless of locality, retailers must respond with an easy and seamless purchase process. What’s great about modern retail technology is that it provides that process and more. The tactics and tools are available for retailers to succeed, so long as retailers are motivated to educate themselves and embrace the technology.

To learn more about Epicor Eagle and the Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite, please email eagle@epicor.com.

Posted by Mike Duncan, Senior Product Manager, Epicor Retail Distribution

*Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite is an available purchase option for users of the Epicor® Eagle® business management system.


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