NRF Sheds Light on a Year of Innovation


Last week’s  National Retail Federation (NRF) — Retail’s BIG Show in New York City saw more than  30,000 attendees walk in and out of the Javits Center’s doors, and I feel like I talked to at least half of them. NRF is that one place you meet lots of new people and can reconnect with “old” colleagues and friends in just two short days. And they all want to talk about the same thing—what’s the newest thing out there that will inspire our customers and fuel business growth.

Epicor drew the most conversations from three new solutions we showcased in our booth—Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce, Epicor Retail CRM 7.0, and Epicor Retail Store Windows 8 Tablets Edition. Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce bridges the gap among online, mobile and brick-and-mortar realms for a more satisfying, consistent consumer experience and streamlined retail management by providing a unified transaction engine. Which is exactly what 63% of retailers want, according to the 11th Annual Store Systems Study.

Epicor Retail CRM 7.0 continues to gain adoption as the foundation for winning customer engagement and loyalty strategies for a growing number of leading retailers. It always amazes me how little retailers know about their customers. We had so many great discussions with retailers during NRF on what they could do if they only captured a little more data or tied transactions to the customer. They’d find out who their best customers are, what offers or communication brought them in, what they buy with what, etc. With this knowledge, the possibilities of targeted marketing are endless.

Supporting the next evolution of mobility in the retail enterprise, attendees saw the Epicor Retail Store Windows 8 Tablet Edition first hand during the Epicor and Microsoft NRF Big !deas Session Windows 8 POS Tablet: Why Less Really is More. Mobile Store is not new to Epicor—we have many retailers who have been very successful users, especially this holiday season. However Windows 8 takes Mobile Store to the next level and provides so much more flexibility with information at the staff’s fingertips. I’m not the only one excited about it—I spoke to one retailer who is looking forward to replacing all their registers with tablets.

I can’t talk about NRF without talking about my build-a-bear smallfrys® friends. Once again Epicor partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop® to obtain new friends which we gave away in exchange for $10 donations to benefit the Retail Orphan Initiative ( RetailROI). RetailROI is celebrating its 5th year in helping to raise funds and awareness for at risk and orphaned children worldwide by providing real solutions to help improve their lives. Every dollar raised at the our booth is going  directly to computer lab upgrades, educational programs, and roof construction at The Master’s Home of Champions Rehab orphanage and school in Liberia. I will have the honor of visiting them in person this fall, as I plan to attend another RetailROI trip.

When all is said and done, there was an abundance of energy during Retail’s BIG Show. Retailers, especially those who visited our booth, appeared enthusiastic about 2014 and the resurgence of the economy. This year is the year to empower the world’s leading retailers with the world’s most advanced solutions – enhancing customer experiences and inspiring growth.

Growth happens in the space between what your customers want and what your competitors provide. How can you own that space? Let’s Talk!

Posted by Diane Cerulli, Director of Retail Marketing, Epicor


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