Life Without a Mobile Device – How Would I Shop?


I chuckle when I think about how I have used my mobile device over the last few years. We all started out by it being a phone and a device for using email remotely. I quickly moved to being able to get on the Internet but nowhere near to what I do today.

With my “consumer” mobile device, I research product, compare prices, look at reviews, find retailers who have the product I want (and at the best price), get coupons and promotions, and store all my loyalty cards and e-mail receipts. Ohhh how it makes shopping so much easier….and being a solution provider, Epicor is helping retailers keep up with my expectations.

With Epicor Retail Store , mobility has been around for some time – being able to either do line busting or full POS, find product in other locations, assist with clientelling or check in inventory all exist today. Although retailers still want and need to do these, there are other features, functions or support needed for today’s techno shopper – emailing receipts, accepting mobile coupons, reserving and ordering product for pickup in another store, and my favorite that is coming soon to a store near you is a variety of mobile payment options. If you don’t have a store solution that can support these today, contact Epicor and we can help you get there.

So there’s no surprise that Mobility is a key topic at the Aberdeen Summit June 21 – 22, where Epicor is a sponsor. I look forward to having some great discussions on how mobility is changing the game for retailers and consumers alike. Come join me at the Aberdeen Summit and gain insight, share experiences and be inspired. See you there!

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Posted by Diane Cerulli, Director, Strategic Product Planning


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