How Bountiful Acres Drives a Successful Garden Center Business


A Bucks County landmark since 1955, Bountiful Acres started as a roadside produce market that gradually transitioned into a premier garden center and nursery retail business that spans six stunning acres. The business stocks quality nursery and garden plants, garden supplies, tropical and indoor foliage plants, aquatic plants, statues, furniture, fountains, bulk and bagged soils, and mulches. Additionally, the company harvests locally grown trees and offers custom arrangements, landscape design, installation, and maintenance. How Bountiful Acres Drives a Successful Garden Center Business

Bountiful Acres’ mission is to provide the community with the best selection and highest-quality products supported by a knowledgeable staff. It takes great strides to keep up with growing trends and business improvements each year. A key tool the business uses to maintain peak operational performance is the Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution.

"Before selecting the Epicor Eagle N Series solution, we had no control, no transaction history, and orders and deliveries were all managed by moving paper—we were entirely manual. Our cash register rung up orders based on department keys; special orders were handwritten and passed to purchasing; delivery orders were handwritten and passed to a delivery manager; pricing was all manual with pricing stickers. Our goals for the Epicor solutions are abundant, but we are focused on improving efficiency, profits, inventory control, and customer loyalty. We are just at the tip of the iceberg, but are beginning to uncover the benefits," said Andy Eckhoff, general manager, at Bountiful Acres.

Key benefits to date:

  • Strong industry experience, high-quality support, and robust functionality 
  • Turn old inventory quicker, easily identify items with low margins 
  • Seamless tracking of product sales, leading to 40 percent increase in pottery sales
  • Negotiate better prices and select the best products for the business 
Goals for the Epicor SolutionsAnother aspect that has seen significant improvements because of the Epicor system is product sales. "One area that we really started looking at with the Epicor solution was sales in our pottery department. The sales kept increasing—it was crazy how much they would increase every month. Because of the data we were able to pull with Eagle N Series, we decided to double the size of our pottery department and the sales kept increasing exponentially. That department was up 40 percent in the last year alone. We are able to clearly track these increases in sales with the Eagle N Series solution, zooming in by department and the classes in that department to know which areas are really flourishing. We never had this insight before deploying the Epicor system." 

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