From a Production-Driven Business Model to a Buy-and-Sell Model


Established family-owned businesses often have challenges with adopting new technologies to meet customer demands. Weston Nurseries, a fourth-generation lawn and garden business, was faced with these challenges: tracking inventory andPeter Mezitt, president, Weston Nurseries customer relationship management. Their old system was no longer practical for the company's business needs. Weston Nurseries needed a system that could make better decisions for their customers and with improved inventory capabilities. They chose to implement new technology from Epicor as their solution.

"Our previous software was not as strong with inventory or customer relationship management. The process we had in place was no longer feasible if we wanted to grow the business. We researched software options, and it came down to Epicor and Counterpoint. We selected the Epicor Eagle® solution mainly because of reporting capabilities and the inventory functionality. This technology transition has really helped us convert the business from a production-driven business model to a buy-and-sell business model in all of our stores. Epicor has allowed us more possibilities for growth and gives us information to make better business decisions or changes." said Peter Mezitt, president, Weston Nurseries

After implementing Epicor software, Weston saw full positive improvements in terms of customer relationship management specifically the loyalty program. With Epicor Compass software, Weston Nurseries can now see their customers purchase behavior—purchase frequency and what they purchased through running a report. "We love how simple our loyalty program is now, and it has helped us gain about $100,000 in margin improvements over our prior loyalty program-where we used points that converted monthly. The program gives customer coupons on their receipts that they can use instantly-much more gratifying to peoples’ fast-paced lifestyle and need for instant gratification. We've seen a nice uptick in loyalty conversions since we switched over,” added Mezitt.

Overall, Weston Nurseries is reaping the rewards of Epicor software through:

  • Maintaining more accurate inventory
  • Tracking movement of inventory between all locations
  • Enriching customer experience with more relevant promotions

To read more about the technology transition of Weston Nurseries, check our Customer Success Story page.



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