Epicor® Eagle N Series™: From the Retailer’s Point-of-View


At the recent Ace Hardware Fall Convention & Exhibits, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel presentation with Wade Doss, owner of Bates Ace Hardware, and Bob Krieger, owner of Katz Ace Hardware. The retail business owners provided insights and firsthand experiences with the new Epicor solution for independent retailers, Epicor Eagle N Series. Here are a few highlights from that presentation. Bates Ace2

Q: With a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology, what was the process like for your business to implement Epicor Eagle N Series?

Doss: Implementation was pretty pain free. The new modern interface of Eagle N Series has a clean look and feel. The solution streamlines procedures so that the daily tasks in our business are easier and quicker to execute. Eagle N Series eliminates steps and we’ve seen an immediate savings in time and money. The new software makes business processes seamless.

Q: Considering all the tools retailers can use to compete and grow successfully in today’s market, how can retailers position themselves for the future?

Krieger: One thing that cannot be overlooked is every retailer’s mission to outservice big box competition. Customers today have many choices, so how can you give your customers an unforgettable experience? By outservicing your competition those customers will keep choosing you. Eagle N Series helps position our business to respond quickly and cost-effectively as the retail market evolves. The software is intuitive; it’s where I need it, when I need it.

Q: Getting employees up and running on new technology can be a challenge. What has been your experience with introducing the new solution to your staff?

Krieger: You’ll find consistency throughout the entire Eagle N Series solution, which is crucial for learning and training employees. The solution is very user friendly. For example, my 10-year-old son learned how to use Eagle N Series in 45 minutes. This means that I can now train new employees faster, which in return saves time and money for our business.

Q: In the ‘age of the customer,’ customers are demanding immediate answers to questions. What is your business doing to combat this challenge?

Katz Ace 2

Doss: One way to improve operations is to have access to vital information. Business analytics should be readily available at your fingertips. With Eagle N Series we are quickly and efficiently able to access information on customer buying habits, popular products on our shelves, inventory levels, and more. This information especially helps us when management is on the sales floor and needs to make a decision quickly. We now have all the information we need at the touch of a button. Retailers greatly benefit from tools that keep up with customers.

For a detailed look at the Bates Ace Hardware implementation of Epicor Eagle N Series, read their story here .

Posted by Carl Hildebrandt, Senior Product Manager, Retail Distribution Solutions for Epicor


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