Epicor Eagle N Series Helps Small Businesses Outgrow Their Competition


Old Ben Franklin, perhaps the quintessential American businessman, put it in his usual simple terms that, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”* These are essential aspects small business owners are aware of deep in their bones. By providing a comprehensive and affordable retail business management system for small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries, Epicor® Eagle N Series™ helps those retailers cope with the paramount issue of growth.

This next-generation software has been designed to give independent retailers the power to operate more efficiently, make more appropriate business decisions to serve their customers better, and grow revenues and profits. Unlike “cash register only” point of sale (POS) systems, Eagle N Series provides the comprehensive functionality and advanced business intelligence to grow, add new partnerships, fully engage in co-op relationships, improve eCommerce capabilities, and accurately manage inventory. The key: the six facets of unprecedented retail power:

  • Outservice. By facilitating exceptional customer service, Eagle N Series helps brings customers back time and time again.
  • Analysis. Eagle N Series furnishes the insight needed to make better decisions by providing a clear understanding of how a business is doing, and how to enhance customer service and operations.
  • Optimization. By enabling unprecedented visibility and cost control from the back office to point of sale, Eagle N Series helps drive effective optimization of business processes.
  • Growth. Eagle N Series’ broad capabilities support growth throughout the organization, making these goals more easily attainable.
  • Simplicity. By simplifying user experience, Eagle N Series helps make complex processes easier to execute.
  • Mobility. In today’s increasingly mobile environment, Eagle N Series enables businesses to service their customers, stay informed, and make decisions from anywhere, anytime.



Designed to help businesses take advantage of proven retail processes and practices, Eagle N Series goes beyond helping businesses simply get the job done; instead, it helps them improve business results and outservice their competition by doing things the right way.

“As a business that just recently launched the new [Eagle N Series] solution, we can already see it improving the way we do business -- especially in our back office operations with access to real-time data and enhanced reporting features,” said Brad Hazelett, co-owner of Driftwood Garden Center.

To see how Eagle N Series facilitates retail business growth, you can access a series of short videos detailing the solution here.

Posted by Carl Hildebrandt, Senior Product Manager, Retail Distribution Solutions for Epicor

*Mary Bellis. Benjamin Franklin Quotes. About Money. Retrieved from http://inventors.about.com/od/fstartinventors/a/Benjamin-Franklin-Quotes.htm


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