7 Ways to Grow with Your POS System


As a retailer your main goal is to make your business grow, right? Well as you know there are several ways to achieve this from serving your customers well, operating smoothly and efficiently, to maximizing profits and margins. But it all really boils down to technology. How can you serve your customers better if you don't have the right technology or specifically for retailers, you don't have the right POS system. 

Learn seven ways to grow your POS System:

  1. Reduce your Inventory Costs by up to 25%
    Our Eagle customers have used powerful software tools to buy smarter, sell more, stock less, turn faster, and reduce their inventory. For example, Eagle customer, Mclendon Hardware experienced almost 25% in its inventory costs. How much is 25% to you? For $300,000 in inventory, you could reclaim up to $75,000 in cash flow that could come in handy for remodeling, growing, paying off debt, or other priorities. Mark-Span Home Hardware Building Centre

  2. Sell 10% More at a Higher Margin
    You can achieve 10% in revenue increases by merchandising and bundling products together. Eagle Dynamic Promotions, Eagle Market Basket Analysis, and Eagle Performance Manager allow you to track which products sell together and can also track the performance of all your promotions, determining which ones maximize your profit. If you apply these strategies to your current sales volume of $1 million, you can generate $100,000 in additional sales with no additional inventory cost.

  3. Increase Revenues by 6% with Better Service
    It's common knowledge that "better service means greater revenue". Customers always expect loyalty programs from businesses. With Eagle software, you can deliver exceptional service, greater revenues and ramp up loyalty:
    • Special orders can increase 1revenues by 6% and profit by 10%. All the lookup, transactional, and tracking capabilities are built right into the Eagle solution, and it’s easy to keep customers informed of their order status.
    • Shopping experience - Making check out easy and quick is another way to serve customers better. The Eagle Solution gives you the widest range of options for doing just that—with intuitive, customer-facing displays at POS, powerful line-busting tools, mobile- and tablet based POS capabilities, and more.
    • Loyalty programs -  Eagle software gives you all the powerful loyalty tools - identify your best, most profitable customers, then promote, merchandise, and reward them accordingly.
  4. Reduce Return Fraud and Save 3.5% 
    With frauds, hacks and other exploits you could giving money away at the register. With the Eagle solution, if someone tries to commit fraud, you’ll know. Eagle software Return Validation features make A/R, credit, and debit card returns an easy task —and you can electronically scan driver license or state ID information when there’s no receipt present.

  5. Make Better Decisions
    Eagle software includes on-screen, in-context analytics help you get quick answers relevant to the task at hand. You can identify and fix issues to make faster and better decisions while you manage critical everyday business operations.

  6. Be the Best Retailer
    When you begin using Eagle solution, you automatically increase your use of retail best practices because they are built-in. The software's built-in practices come from more than 30 years of experience with leading retailers, co-ops and the National Retail Federation. And so, this translates to happier customers and bigger profits.

  7. Reduce Training Time by 12 Hours for Each New Employee
    After implementing Eagle solutions, you don't need to fret about training. With one click, the Eagle solution brings up videos specifically to your task . One-click, in-context Help and Chat/local technology platform support is everywhere. Epicor also offers a range of online training options—including the popular five-day Eagle Online Academy that’s free for Epicor customers. 

    Jay's Hardware

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