Going Paperless Reduces the Drag on Manufacturing


Reduced paper-based processes are rapidly translating into leaner operations for manufacturers. Here are three prime examples:

1) Faster, more efficient new product innovation

When moving away from paper, examine processes around bringing new products to market and managing product change. The business process of requesting a product change, communicating the change to engineering, making the change, delivering the updates, and finally communicating the change to purchasing and shop floor can be improved by going to paperless processes.

Technologies are available today to support these processes, both within and outside the organization. Many businesses use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems to manage the documentation and processes in developing market requirements for new products alongside the engineering workload, CAD files, and material specifications needed not only to prototype and bring the product to market, but also to fit aftermarket requirements. These systems not only manage the electronic documents, but integrate with CAD directly for a seamless handoff from engineering that drives “a single version of the truth” down to the production floor.

2) Better receipt of product change throughout the supply chain

One thing is certain: product change will happen. For businesses on the receiving end of product changes, processes are needed to support the receipt of product changes and communicate them to the shop floor quickly—a great benefit from deploying paperless processes in the business. Manufacturing ERP systems that support Product Data Management (PDM) and Document Management can receive data electronically and link it to a production job so that operators on the plant floor can log in and see the new drawing, material certifications, and other documentation that flows into production.

3) Better customer service

If you aren’t sending electronic invoices and you haven’t received an electronic AP invoice lately, it might be time to check your inbox. More businesses are reducing lead times in transacting these documents to improve cash flow, eliminate waste in the office, and operate more sustainably. Technologies can support these efforts. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems support and control the flow of documents to and from your business without the use of paper.

Epicor has a range of solutions that can help you transition to more efficient paperless processes at your own pace. Why not see how we can help streamline your manufacturing operations?

Posted by the Epicor Social Media Team


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