Epicor Outsourcing Secures Manufacturing Systems and Data at Japanese Plant in the Wake of Tsunami Disaster


It’s particularly rewarding when you can come to the aid of a business in need, and even more so when you can head off trouble at the pass. This happened recently with one of our iScala and Epicor Outsourcing clients, a multi-national consumer goods company.

The company had called upon Epicor Outsourcing to orchestrate a server consolidation project across its various sites around the globe. As part of the project, the ERP system and data from one of its manufacturing sites in Japan was scheduled to be virtualized and secured at a separate location in early June.

However, after news of the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, company executives asked Epicor what could be done to ensure the systems and data housed on servers in Japan were stored securely off site. Obviously the company’s first concern was for its personnel and their families, but it also needed to ensure disaster recovery initiatives were in place to support ongoing operations – a key objective as the nation weathers its next hardship: a crippled economy due to widespread manufacturing shut downs.

Epicor was able to provide a full snapshot of the full application and data from the Japanese site, and house it safely here in the states within 48 hours of the event, and all driven remotely from the other side of the planet. This was made possible through Epicor’s System Assurance offering, which secures and stores a “virtual image” of a customer’s Epicor system offline in a data center, where it can be brought on line – if needed – quickly. The company never had to bring these off site servers on line, but knowing they could at a moment’s notice brought some peace of mind that they had a plan in place and some level of control during the devastating course of events.

We are happy to report that the plant was not damaged by the earthquake and resulting tsunami, and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by this disaster. And we were happy to do what we could to support their disaster recovery support needs.

The collective business consciousness of the need for data protection is often stirred in the wake of widespread natural disasters. But there are so many more scenarios that can impede access to business systems and data – events that can range from power outages, computer viruses and malware, employee (internal) sabotage and external data fraud, and even terrorist attacks. It’s important to have measures in place to anticipate and mitigate these types of events. At Epicor we’re committed to making data protection and disaster recovery accessible to companies of all sizes, and the expertise and resources to support our customers in their time of need.

Posted by Chad Meyer, Director, Product Marketing, Epicor


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