Epicor Customers Honored by Managing Automation as Progressive Manufacturers


Epicor extends its congratulations to our customers who were recently named to the prestigious Managing Automation Progressive Manufacturer 100 (PM 100) Awards list. The PM 100 Awards honor manufacturing companies that have transformed themselves through the use of information technology.

A family owned business, Chirch Global Manufacturing is a precision metal stamping and subassembly manufacturer based in in Northern Illinois and China. Chirch was honored for its adoption of the on demand Cloud-based Epicor Cloud ERP solution, as well as other virtualization technologies. The use of a Cloud-based ERP system has given the company enterprise strength ERP functionality, without the hefty deployment price tag or overhead, and a system capable of supporting global operations and supply chain execution. It has also given Chirch the ability to transform its business and make a quantum leap, forging a new hybrid onshore/offshore manufacturing model that is fundamentally changing the game for the advantage of its customers/business partners.

Recently recognized as the 16th fastest growing privately held company in Silicon Valley, Semiconductor Tooling Services (STS) specializes in tooling for the semiconductor industry. STS was recognized for its ERP and quality system deployment that allowed the company to meet customer needs faster, and to improve quality management and sales and order tracking. The company first implemented Epicor Vantage 8 ERP suite, later upgrading to Epicor 9 and Epicor 9.05. In addition, STS integrated quality management software with Epicor using Epicor's Service Connect business process management tool. The ERP and Quality System project has allowed STS to reduce -- by a factor of 10 -- the amount of labor required to respond to customer queries about inventory, materials, and job status, and significantly reduce rework and to deploy consistent, repeatable, and measurable internal processes.
The past few years have been tough for manufacturers; many have been struggling just to survive. Those that have thrived on the other hand, are to be congratulated, for their innovation has done more than just kept them on the map, it’s set them apart.

Chirch and STS will be joined by the rest of the PM 100 winners and recognized at an awards dinner at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit May 9-11 in Palm Beach, Fla.


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