Post-Holiday Cleanup: Clorox Keeps Producing to Meet Household Cleaning Needs


We’ve all heard the idea that cleanliness is next to godliness; that sentiment dates back to scriptures several thousand years old. Today, cleanliness is big business, generating nearly $200 billion in revenue worldwide at the start of the decade. At that time, the Bureau of Labor reported that annual spending on cleaning products approached $700 annually for each American household, something you can observe when the post Christmas/New Year’s cleaning frenzy begins. Spring cleaning may be the most entrenched practice we think of when attacking whatever has accumulated in the household over the winter; but, often it’s the end of the holiday season that has one looking around the house and reaching for the bleach.

In Japan, clearing dirt, clutter, and the disorganization from the old year is an integral part of their New Year tradition. Because each year is seen as separate and distinct, the final week of the old year is devoted to cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing. Based on what’s travelling down the local checkout lines, that practice is increasingly observed in the States, if not globally. For manufacturers of cleaning products, this means assuring production goes on without a hitch to meet demand.

An interesting example of this practice can be seen at the Clorox Chicago bleach products manufacturing site, where a new Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence ( EMI ) system has been introduced to keep operations up and running efficiently and effectively.

The challenges this production facility faced:

  • eplacing manual processes with automated data capture and accurate, consistent efficiency metrics
  • Boosting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Building a culture of understanding and driving out losses on the plant floor
  • Accurately benchmarking against other plants across the Clorox cleaning products division

To see how Clorox successfully met these challenges with a new EMI system, you can go here . You’ll have plenty of time to do so after you finish cleaning the house.

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