Line Metrics Changed a Culture: How Plant Data Can Inspire the Best in Your Business


Are your line operators "checked in," engaged, and excited about the impact they have on business results? How about managers and executives? Are the top floor and shop floor connected?

Businesses achieve some amazing things with line metrics – but the most surprising improvement of all is around human capital. When manufacturing data and information starts to flow throughout the business, it becomes a story of uniting your team around performance. An engaged workforce translates to passionate, empowered individuals – operators right on up to plant management and the executive suite – working together to build, sustain, and multiply improvements in operations performance.

While there is an unquestionable link between employee engagement and organizational performance, unfortunately, engagement is a real problem in manufacturing. According to  Gallup’s 2012 Employee Engagement Index, only 1 in 4 production staff was engaged last year – line operators ranked last among the 12 manufacturing occupation types. The Gallup Index also shows that among disengaged workers, 50% were “mentally checked out” and about one-quarter of them were unhappy and actively undermining the employer.

Any manufacturer who is concerned about factory performance might also be concerned that plant staff might reject line metrics en masse. However, a new and entirely unexpected trend is emerging among businesses that use metrics and analytics to drive performance improvement. Manufacturers who leverage technology to establish a connection between the top floor and shop floor see a dramatic and unexpected shift in culture – one that unites and inspires operators, supervisors, plant management, and corporate executives to work together to build and sustain performance, and extend improvements across the production network.

The information-sharing loop begins with line and plant performance, then involves and engages people across the organization, from operators on up to the executive suite. These passionate, empowered individuals have what they need to drive financial and operational directives into specific, meaningful action.

Posted by Diane Murray, Manager, Product Marketing


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